When planning a safari trip of a lifetime, we often get asked to include some relaxing beach time post your adventure in the African bush. It’s fair to say, the beach is the best place to clear all the dust off your skin and return home feeling fresh and rejuvenated. We have a number of beach destinations depending on where you choose to safari, and here are our top places to extend your trip – mainly for the purpose to switch off and enjoy your memories of your safari with stunning coastal views.

When travelling to Kenya, we would suggest the Kenya coast. Not only is it easy to get to, with regular and direct flights from the Nairobi, it’s a no brainer. The choice of beach destination varies, but all have similar stunning views and warm water of the Indian Ocean. Lamu has some of the most picturesque vistas, with resident often hubbing here around Christmas and New Year – you can be sure to enjoy a proper African party around this time. It’s not to say you won’t be able to switch off, we don’t mean to imply that Lamu is akin to Ibiza… not at all! With private and secluded getaways such as Alfajiri. Each one of their exclusive use villas means you have the services of your own private butler and chef at your beck and call throughout your stay.

Another alternative if safari-ing in Kenya and Tanzania is the island of Zanzibar. There are numerous wonderful places to stay in this culturally rich and diverse island including places such as White Sand Villas and the wonderful small boutique hotel of Xanadu. If you’re looking for the ultimate in privacy, then Mnemba Island is for you. The thought of taking a boat as a transfer to your own private island has something magical about doesn’t it…!

If you’re searching for something post your South Africa and Botswana Safari, then Mozambique is the destination to head to. Overnighting in Johannesburg for one night at one our choice boutique hotels, you can depart with ease the following morning and sipping a fresh gin and tonic on the coast of Mozambique at 4pm! Staying on the mainland, look no further than Santorini. This stunning small hotel, with stunning views of the Mozambiquan channel, it is nothing but utter bliss. Looking further afield into the Mozambique channel, then Azura Benguerra is the destination to consider. With activities including snorkelling on the local coral reef, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, horse riding on the beach and many many more choices to choose from… or you can simply relax!

There are also other choices further afield within the Indian Ocean such as the Seychelles, Mauritius and even, if you choose the Maldives. The choices are endless. If you are interested in booking a trip of a lifetime on safari and then finishing your trip on one of the mentioned beach destinations, then head to our contact page and give us a call so we can start planning your adventure.