Azura has been busy! One of our top recommended places to stay in the Mozambique Coast is Azura Benguerra, and like so many other lodges, camps and hotels, the pandemic has been detrimental to their businesses, but like so many, they have taken the time to use their initiative. Following the last two years of restrictions, Azura has taken its time to make the place look even better than ever. Welcoming back people towards the end of 2022, Azura Benguerra have had a ‘bumper’ three months. Throughout December, February, and March, which just goes to show, not only did Azura want people back, but people have been gagging to come and visit too! With a sense of normality eeking into the air, we can’t but feel sheer joy and relief for all, that things are beginning to get back to normal.

One of the big trends everyone is seeing is group travel with friends and family reuniting after the past disturbed couple of years. Azura Benguerra have been host to weddings on the beach, multi-generational families spanning from 6 months old right up to 92 years, all enjoying celebrating together once again.

Following on from nuptials on the beach, there is a lot of love to be shared both around the world and at Azura Benguerra. Over Valentine’s Day, they played host to a weekend event, called the ‘Colour of Love’, with a huge ‘love yourself and love your friends’ party at Azura’s Peri Peri Beach Club. Guests came from as far as L.A., London, and Dubai. And as is the norm with Valentine’s Day, the decor was dripping with hearts, twinkling lights, ladies in red and 3 different DJ’s playing some superb music.

That said, Azura are still ‘top dog’ when it comes to couples choosing their honeymoon destination. While mulling over the idea of why it is the top choice, well, it is obvious. The wonderfully remote location, stunning comfortable beach front villas, the different and unique activities you can choose to enjoy, or simply embracing the view, Azura Benguerra focus on making every day different with special set-ups and surprises. From January they have welcomes over 31 honeymoon couples to date.

New to the scene at Azura Benguerra, they have introduced ‘Mozambican Mondays. What’s this?! Every Monday, they decorate the Jellyfish Restaurant for a 5 course Mozambican Gala menu. The chefs and staff dress in their wonderful local attire and cook local deliciousness. The Rainbow fund Kids band is back, performing for guests on Fridays and Azura’s famous Peri Peri Beach Club is opening for long lazy lunches in the sun every Wednesday and Saturday. We’ve added a spa tent at Peri Peri massages and the private cabanas are always popular with couples, although most times guests all end up in the pool with a cocktail in hand swapping stories from around the world.

Azura Benguerra’s Rainbow Fund Charity is also as active as ever. They are currently refurbishing the Islands school that they built a few years ago, 28 children are being sponsored through high school on the mainland and a further 4 in further education. It’s with a huge thanks to the kind guest donations that they all have new uniforms to last them through 2022 and the football team has new kit too. 92 mothers gave birth last year at the Island Clinic the Rainbow Fund helped to build, and they have assisted with some 400 members of the local community that desired Covid-19 vaccinations. Last but by no means least, a new Parents Association has been established to help the Rainbow Fund make important decisions that affect the future of the young people of Benguerra Island and to communicate these decisions to the rest of the island population.

It’s fair to say there has been a lot going on at Azura Benguerra and we hope, at some point, you can join in with some of these exciting new adventures too.