Elephants have developed this amazing infrasonic sound, a form of communication where much of what they ‘say’ is below audible range, but it is there. It is constant. It is a comforting reassurance that the family is together, that each is fine, safe and happy. Our point being is, we are here for you. Low rumblings keeping you up to date with everything going on on the ground. All the camps we work alongside with are all still there, all still open, all still ready and waiting to welcome you all with open arms.

As we move through the swamp lands of Botswana’s Okavango Delta. It is a rumble about just how extraordinary the wildlife is right now, truly spectacular in every single direction you look. At Duba Plains, the arrival and breeding of wild dogs has enhanced the nature of the experience there. Walking in Kenya’s Chyulu Hills from Ol Donyo Lodge with a seriously qualified and experienced walking guide, will enhance that overall magical experience. The idea of waiting quietly by the river for millions of wildebeest to launch themselves into life of death crossings of the opening of a new wine cellar at Mara Plains will ensure your safari will be life changing.

As the world continues to go through the ups and downs of life, life still goes on within Africa too. Life and death take place every day. Every camp is still open and waiting to welcome you with open arms. All the guides, all the staff, even the animals are waiting to show you what their day to day lives are like. Imagine that feeling of landing into a different country, with the sun beating down on your skin, the smell of the dry earth bubbling up through your nose. The feeling of adventure awaits anticipation.

Staying at places such as Mara Plains will make you feel as though you are properly in touch with your surroundings. With seven luxury tented rooms, all raised on wooden decking and an abundance of space to boot. Although there are other tented suites around, you will feel like you are the only person in camp, which is truly relaxing and utterly spoiling. You can either dine alone and privately within your tent, or you can enjoy the main area with communal dining available, delight in sharing stories with one another, either around the table, or snuggled around a crackling campfire – the choice is yours. At Mara Plains, you can also take advantage of the complimentary camera equipment to use during your stay, plus, if you have forgotten your own pair of binoculars, have no fear, Mara Plains will sort you with a top-quality pair of Swarovski binoculars. This is the only camp within the Mara offering this type of service and if it is little things like this added on to your stay, you can understand how incredible the rest of your stay will be.

And like elephants, we will continue to pass on the rumblings from the bush, but we implore you to have a think about your next adventure away, and make it Africa!