Introducing a brand-new camp in the remote wilds of Kafue National Park in Zambia – Chisa Busanga Camp. Chisa Busanga Camp is located in the totally wild and remote Busanga Plains. Tucked away in the far northern reaches of the Kafue National Park, this untouched wilderness offers a chance to enjoy a bio-diverse wet-land ecosystem, which is, of course, teeming with wildlife.

Chisa is the Nyanja word for ‘bird’s nest’ and the four tree top nests at Chisa Busanga allow for incredible raised views over the plains either during the day or underneath the canopy of stars from the milky way.

Chisa Busanga, like its surrounding area, operates in an incredibly eco-friendly manner. Sometimes known as ‘silent-safaris’, Busanga have brand new e-land cruisers and e-mountain bikes. Taking part on a silent game drive, a silent e-bike ride through the plains or a walking safari enables you to really listen to the African bush and is a true holiday for all your senses.

The wildlife you are likely to see within this diverse wetland eco-system will be red lechwe leaping across the shallow wetlands, elephants emerging out of the morning mist and possibly lions hunting in golden grasses. This remote wilderness is distinct for its miombo woodlands and instead, think flat grassland dambos dotted with sausage, fig, and date palm trees. Like Botswana’s Okavango Delta, the flood waters recede over June to November and the Busanga Plains become accessible for all sorts of wonderful safaris with outstanding game viewing opportunities, predator action and an abundance of colourful birdlife.

Kafue National Park itself has a wonderful history behind it. Established in the 1950’s by the one and only legend of walking safaris, Norman Carr, it is one of Zambia’s largest and oldest national parks. The Park itself has a wealth of natural habitats and an incredible diversity as well as density of big game and bird life, including endangered species like the wattled crane and the African Wild dog.

We have mentioned that Chisa Busanga is very aware about maintaining its eco-friendly ethos, this of course starts with the traditional safari in 4×4 vehicles… but how about solar powered land-cruisers. Along with this mountain bikes are also a very sustainable way to explore the Busanga Plains. Moreover, hot air balloons carry you high above the plains making sure you can take in the sheer beauty and totally diverse eco-system below. Finally, after all of this, head back to the camp, the plunge pool is a completely bliss to dip into and relax in post a very busy day and finally end up by the campfire where conversation will be buzzing with tales from the day from everyone.

Inclusive to your stay at Chisa Busanga, disappear quietly into the floodplains and dambos on their e-Cruiser, e-Bike or on foot. The game sightings will become more intense as you take in the sights and sounds and smells of the surrounding area, the birdlife interactions closer as well. All the guides are fluent in the many languages of the bush and will relay all of this magical information, to really bring the crème de la crème meaning to your stay!