We hope you enjoyed our blog from last week about the perfect beach escapes from Southern Africa to places such as the magical Mozambique and Mauritius. We wanted to continue with our top and truly magical places to stay in the Seychelles. The Seychelles is another stunning beach destination to escape to from Southern Africa. Again, following your safari, you will have to have one night in Johannesburg to allow flights to connect, but we can also provide options of private chartering from your safari destination, so you do not have to overnight in Johannesburg.

We will start with the incredible Four Seasons in Mahe. With 67 villas in varying categories, the hotel lives up to the Four Seasons reputation. With exceptional service, delicious food and luxurious rooms, it is nothing but sensational. Each of the villas, whatever category, has their own private plunge pool looking out onto sensational views of the azure Indian Ocean. The Four Seasons yoga pavilion is the best in the Seychelles, and this combined with the exceptional Indian and Asian Spa treatments makes the Four Seasons the perfect retreat for those wishing to seek total relaxation and detoxification – from all of those gin and tonics on safari!!

Denis Island is one of our top barefoot luxury stays within the Seychelles Satellite Islands. Consisting of 25 luxury cottages, it is a perfect, ultra-luxurious tropical island paradise. Each of the rooms offer private sea facing views, with large verandas and courtyards dotted with large coconut trees. With numerous water sports to choose from, excellent deep-sea fishing, PADI diving, sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, hiking… the list goes on, you will rest assured you have ample opportunity to not only relax but explore and be adventurous. With numerous sightings of turtles, sharks, stingrays, sailfish, tuna, dolphins, whale sharks and even manta rays being sighted in September to November, your safari won’t stop!

Finally, if you are seeking the ultimate in beach escapes, then North Island is the place to stay. North Island is a small granitic island just north of Silhouette Island. With four deserted white sandy beaches to choose from, you can really feel like you have escaped to a proper desert island. The owners of the island have also worked tirelessly to reintroduce many endangered species of wildlife back to the island, so to witness and experience these efforts first hand is something really special to see. North Island is in fact larger than Monte Carlo but only holds a maximum of 24 guests. How spoiling! The style throughout North Island has roots in Bali, Africa, Zanzibar and the Seychelles creating an attractive mix of cultural diversity. Each of the villas have their own private pool, spacious sitting rooms and library with a diverse selection of interesting books to choose from. Enormous sun decks lead off your room with a full butler service available to make sure all of your needs are met when staying at North Island. With activities including snorkelling, fishing, boating, kayaking and many more activities to choose from, they even have a world class diving centre to use as you choose. And get this, the only way to access this island (apart from boat) is by helicopter. Of course, you arrive in style at one the top destinations within the Seychelles.

Next week, we will go in to more detail about the ideal destinations for beach escapes from Northern Africa, such as Kenya and Tanzania. If you would like to hear more information on any of the hotels we have mentioned within our last two blogs, please head towards our contact page where one of our experts will be able to fill you in with all of the stunning details about this fabulous places. Whatever place you decide to choose for your beach escape, you will not be disappointed and perhaps choose your second choice the next time you go away!