We often take it for granted that you simply know what we get up to behind the scenes supporting charities and foundations in Africa. We all do this job because we are passionate about Africa, its people and its wildlife. Most of Africa is third world, and through tourism many people are supported financially and in other ways. Supporting Africa’s people is the only way to secure the future of the wildlife. Africa has some of the last great wildernesses in the world, and of course some of the most extraordinary wildlife in the world so we must preserve it. Here is what we’ve been up to in the back ground:

1          Sponsorship

Every year we sponsor two Kenyans through their initial guiding exams at Koiyaki Guiding School in the world famous Masai Mara. It is not expensive and we aim to sponsor more and more young Kenyans through this school every year. It makes a huge difference to their future and we have proudly seen some of our young men and women go on to work in some of Kenya’s most luxurious safari camps and lodges and enjoy long careers in the safari industry.

2          Small Charities

We set up our own fundraising website – donatetowildlifeconservation.com – which aims to highlight small and worthy projects across East and Southern Africa which lack the PR that the major charities have in order to get valuable funding. These projects are all well known to us and this means we can ensure the right projects are promoted.

3          Continuation Through Covid

We have worked closely with our clients and lodges to ensure everyone wins – offering postponements an unlimited number of times, while ensuring the lodges receive whatever funding they needed to continue with their own conservation efforts (Without tourism these were lacking funding). Through our donations, and those of some of our competitors we have ensured at all times that we donate to any charities or foundations that were previously supported by tourism and have struggled during the pandemic.

4          Knowing Our Properties

Every single property we work with focusses around conservation of wildlife and communities. There is not a single safari camp or lodge on our books who does not have their own foundation, or seriously contribute to locally set up foundations. This ensures that luxury safaris booked with us are always responsible and contributing to the local community and the conservation of the local area and the wildlife. These properties often deeply touch the guests we send there and we are always astounded by the generosity of clients who often form long standing donor relationships with the projects they have witnessed in practise while on safari. There is no obligation to become a donor of course, your safari is already contributing heavily to the communities you meet and wildlife you see.

So we hope this explains what we get up to in the back ground. Perhaps we should shout about it a little louder however our charitable activities are not a PR stunt, they are born from our deep love for Africa, and our love and respect for the people and wildlife who live there.

Covid has presented a huge problem to areas which previously relied on tourism for pretty much everything – it is thrilling to see guests finally returning to Africa and having such life changing sensational experiences there.

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