Shompole Camp & Suite

***Exciting new camp opening in 2025***

Shompole Camp and Suite is opening in Kenya’s Southern Great Rift Valley near Lake Natron.

Lake Natron is a mineral-rich soda lake in Northern Tanzania, at the border with Kenya. It’s a breeding ground for hundreds of thousands of lesser flamingos, despite the highly alkaline state of the striking red waters. The landscape is dominated by Ol Doinyo Lengai an active volcano which is just south of Lake Natron. As water cannot flow out of the lake, evaporation levels are very high, and this leaves behind natron and trona.

The high concentration of natron gives the lake extreme alkaline levels, and it is one of the deadliest lakes on the planet. The surrounding landscape is eerie due to its proximity to a deadly body of water, but to its proximity to a deadly body water, but it is rich with rare flora and fauna.

Lesser flamingos are Lake Natron’s most famous attraction. 75% of the world’s population of lesser flamingoes were born at the lake. They amass at the lake between August and October to lay their eggs, and the eggs hatch during the wet season in November.