Staying wildly connected while exploring Liuwa Plain’s golden safari moments.

 There is no better time to visit Liuwa Plains’s then now. Liuwa Plain is filed with thriving wildlife, never-ending golden plains, successful conservation stories, community projects, and partnership working together to continue the success of Zambia’s National Parks.

There’s never been a better time to visit this extraordinary destination, with Time + Tide King Lewanika being a place that sums up the meaning of “travelling with purpose. Liuwa Plains looks forward to sharing it with you as you slow down to reconnect with nature and watch as the theatre of the natural world unfolds across these mighty golden plains.

The dramatic moments on safari are thrilling to witness, a perfect collision in space and time between you, the predator, and the prey. Contrary to the thrill, a safari in this destination offers tranquillity, allowing one to find balance by slowing down and taking in the nuances of the vast, golden plains. From the first game drive of the season to the last sundowner, here are the highlights in the circle of life that rangers at Liuwa Plains have been lucky enough to witness.

African Parks has newly introduced a pack of thriving wild dogs, cheetah successfully hunting a scrub hare. A lioness made a wildebeest kill at sunrise and her four-week-old cubs had to jump across the water to join her. A brilliant stand-off between lions and porcupines- the porcupines came out on top. Hyenas successfully hunted a wildebeest with 3 jackals on site too. Exceptional bird sightings of Stanley Bustards, Secretary Birds, Avocet, and Lapwings. Black herons creating an umbrella with their wings, bog flocks of African skimmers and Pratincoles. Malachite Kingfisher feeding its young and five lionesses successfully killed two wildebeest.

A land unchanged by time, Liuwa Plain’s vast savannah is one of the oldest conservation areas in Afroca, yet it’s one of Africa’s best-kept secrets. With its golden grasslands and shimmering lagoons, Liuwa Plain transforms with the arrival of the rains form a vast grass plain to a watery wonderland. Listen to the distant rumble of an afternoon thunderstorm gathering on the curbed horizon. Take a deep breath and catch the scent of the long grass as a soft breeze whispers through it. Feel humbled amid the second-largest gathering of wildebeest, thousands of zebras and oribi, hyena in clans of 50 or more, or a speeding cheetah teaching its cubs how to hunt. This is Liuwa Plain!

Nothing beats encounters with magnificent African wildlife during both day and night drives. The award-winning guides provide a wealth of knowledge to enrich the experience. Explore the untamed beauty of the vast Liuwa Plain with the experienced guides sharing their knowledge of flore and fauna. A special activity offered for guests between late January to early April when the flood plains are high. With no hippos, crocs, or tsetse flies, this is a wonderfully tranquil experience where you can hop out and enjoy the water for yourself.

Feel the thrill of early explorers while camping out on the vast plains with only the wildlife and stars for company. It’s an experience you will never forget.