We are very much looking forward to the opening of a brand-new camp opening at Tswalu. Tswalu is one of the top places to consider staying at when looking into a place to stay at in South Africa’s Kalahari. This wonderfully varied eco system is mainly made up or desert like savannahs scattered with African bush shrubs. You are likely to find some of the rarest species of animals you can find within the African bush – from brown hyena to aardvarks and even wild dogs. Not only can you expect to stay in one of those most luxurious and private locations in the Kalahari, you will also have your own guides, private butlers and not have the worry of bumping into anybody else whilst here – sheer privacy and luxury combined in one.

Loapi is the newest edition to the Tswalu collection. Currently under construction and scheduled to open its doors in March 2023, we are very excited to see how this comes along. Consisting of 6 ‘homesteads’ altogether, 4 one-bedroom homes and 2 two-bedroom homes. They all include spacious bedrooms with indoor and outdoor showers, private plunge pools, your own private chef and on-site butler, your own private vehicle, guide and tracker and your own fire pit to listen to stories and share memories at the end of your day.

Loapi is a translation from the Setswana language meaning ‘the space below the clouds’ and the location of Loapi camp embodies everything in this translation. Lying within the most picturesque landscape with views of the Korannaberg mountains in the distance, the mornings the camp may be surrounded by low cloud and mist before the sun rises, when the heat of the morning sun begins to heat up, these low-lying clouds will disperse to reveal the most magical scenery.

The interior of Loapi is designed with contemporary steel and glass pavilions and the overall feel of the camp is modular in designed to evoke a sense of suspension between the earth and the sky. The bedrooms are described as cocoon-like structures under canvas, so that guests who stay can fully immerse and connect with the surrounding wilderness. The rooms will be designed so it is a cooling and comfortable escape and relief from the Kalahari’s extreme midday temperatures.

With much of the world ensuring they use energy efficiently and lightly nowadays, Loapi is up with the times. They will be installing energy-saving air-conditioning along with solar powered pumps. On top of this, you will find tonnes of shady spaces to relax underneath large canopies. The plunge pools have also been designed to be water-wise to reduce evaporation.

If you feel like Loapi is the safari of a life time stay for you and you would like to book some time here, perhaps enjoy a slow safari and stay for a week so you can truly immerse yourself and relax in the surrounding environment, then please get in contact as we would love to book you in for 2023 – we can absolutely guarantee you the most incredible time at any of the Tswalu homesteads.