Exciting Elephant Day News

Meet a new member of the Jabulani family Villa Somopane, a new exclusive two bedroomed villa launching in October this year, named after peaceful bull, Somopane in the rescued Jabulani elephant herd.

Villa Somopane

Villa Somopane welcomes up to four guests, with two spacious suites to accompany two guests sharing. Each suite is designed to inspire relaxation and intimacy, with the raw sounds and sights of safari life merging with comfort at every touch. Enjoy moments on the villa’s private deck or in the heated plunge pool, watching the natural world in its slow dance around you, or head out into the reserve with a private ranger and vehicle, in search of animal and bird life. You can dine in the cosiness and privacy of the villa or join everyone in the main lodge for meals. Soak off the day in your suites’ inviting freestanding bath, or semi -outdoor shower with views through the vegetation outside. The wilderness is never far from sight with the raw sounds and sights of safari life merging with comfort at every touch.

Villa Somopane

Villa Somopane gets its name from resident bull in the rescued elephant herd, currently fourth in dominance.  Rescued along with his herd from Zimbabwe in 2002, during the country’s land reforms. Somopane has become a valued mentor to the younger elephants. He is one of the older bull elephants, born around 1987, and is known as a peacemaker to those who have spent time observing him. With his strength in mediation, he plays an important and calming role in the herd. His focus lies much less in sparring and showing off like some other bulls, and more in uniting and pacifying the members of his unique herd. A quality greatly needed in every family. Jabulani lodge owner, Adine Rhode, considers him to be like a ‘big tusker’. He is confident and comfortable in his own skin, not having to prove himself to others. You will recognise him easily thanks to his long, thick tusks that protrude impressively before him.

Villa Somopane

Elephant bull Somopane enjoys his own company and is often seen independently splashing on the muddy edges of the dam or foraging under the trees alone, but he’s just as content to be beside his friends in the herd, such as Setombe, Bubi, Zindoga, and Sebakwe. He has been gentle and accepting of all the orphans integrated into the herd, namely Jabulani, Kumbura, Timisa, and Khanyisa.

Villa Somopane provides a place for you to do just that, retreat into alone time or bond with friends or family, as guests and find a private piece of the wilderness for themselves. The villa includes a private game vehicle and ranger, plunge pool and large wooden deck. The two bedrooms are fully air-conditioned, and each bedroom has a king-size bed, double vanity basins with locally made luxury body products, and a private toilet, as well as a fully stocked mini bar, Nespresso machine, and tea and coffee station.

Just as Somopane is named after areas where mopane trees grow, so you will find this secluded new villa surrounded by indigenous vegetation, with Africa’s wild animals and birdlife never far from sight.

On the weekend od World Elephant Day 2023, 11-13 August, Jabulani will be giving away three limited edition Amarula Khanyisa bottles to new fostering parents who adopt an elephant in the Jabulani herd over those dates. The winners will be announced by August 14th.