Kite Surfing season is a go! Have you always wanted to have a go at a different form of adrenaline sports and wasn’t sure which one to choose? Well, there are many crazy sports out there, from bunji jumping, climbing, base jumping and horse riding to name but a few. But have you ever considered Kite surfing? Classed as an extreme sport, where you use wind power and a parachute like kite, to propel you across the water whilst being attached to a surf board, this sport can be conducted on both snow and sea. It combines all aspects of surfing, paragliding, skateboarding, windsurfing, snowboarding AND wakeboarding, all in one!

There are many places around the world in which you can enjoy this sport and perhaps even get the basics nailed down, so you can put all your eggs into one basket and head out on the trip of a lifetime to experience kitesurfing in Madagascar. Miavana is a kitesurfing paradise. There are a wide variety of kite sports around Nosy Ankao, with yet more unchartered unbelievable destinations to be explored by helicopter. The beauty of it all is that it can be enjoyed in complete privacy and total exclusivity – no crowds, no wetsuits, just sun, sea, sand and the prevailing wind at your back.

For those kitesurfing experts, you know that the gear you use is essential to the enjoyment and fun of this extreme sport, so at Miavana they have just updated all of their equipment. Brand new Cabrinha gear has just landed on the island outside of Madagascar, ready and available for all experienced riders to use. The team at Miavana have been working with a partner school in Madagascar to bring this adrenalin-fuelled activity to beginners as well. IKO-certified kiteboarding instructors are now available for private lessons as an optional extra. So what is stopping you from grabbing those bulls by the horns – or surfboard and kite – and fulfilling your inner adrenaline junkie!

Other exciting news from Miavana is that in the past month, the team have all received their first dose of COVID vaccinations. The Madagascan health authorities have been working over time to help achieve this quick and efficient role out, ensuring not only that everyone is safe on the island, but that everyone is on their way to being vaccinated so guests arriving can feel totally at ease. Fortunately, Madagascar is one of many other countries, within Africa especially, that prioritises tourism in the early stages of its vaccination program, and recognises the benefits this fabulous sector brings to the local communities and the long-term sustainability of the area. We know that Miavana are top of their game when it comes to looking after the well-being of their staff, community and also guests and with this vaccine role out, this adds another layer of peace-of-mind to the small island outside of Madagascar.

If you would like to book a stay at this stunning and wonderfully remote island, and if you would like to live the dream of becoming a sufficient and skilled kitesurfer, then look no further than Miavana – not only is it an utterly magical place to stay, it has endless activities to enjoy!