When it comes to discussing the best safari destinations in Africa there is no right or wrong, every country has a different element that will appeal to some, and will not appeal to others. We know every single luxury safari destination like the back of our hands, and specialize in knowing the most unique and quirky things to do in that particular location. Here we hope to outline the main elements, and also some more unique elements that you may not have heard of within Africa’s best safari destinations.

Best Safari Destination for… Leopards

Zambia is unknown and more often than not passed up in favour of it’s more famous neighbour Botswana. This couldn’t be more wrong since the game viewing in Zambia is unbelievable, and slowly but surely it is climbing it’s way up the ladder to become known as one of Africa’s best safari destinations – especially for leopard viewing. The leopard viewing in the South Luangwa is so common that you might well leave a leopard sighting to head off somewhere else. Zambia is also the home of walking safaris and walking mobiles out into the bush are sensational. Here you will experience some of the best guides in Africa, as well as some of the most remote game viewing locations in the world.

Best Safari Destination for… Unique Experiences

Every single luxury safari destination we deal with has some magic to it, with sleep outs on magical star decks, walking, riding and helicopters into remote areas being just some of the highlights. But Kenya really is the best safari destination for those that want to get into really remote areas in a variety of ways – we have everything from quads, planes, helicopters, buggies, horses and walking guides at your disposal. You literally can do anything you want in Kenya and it’s landscapes vary so much that you can fly from one place to the other and feel as if you must have changed continents. The culture here is also fascinating with authentic tribal experiences being a highlight.

Best Safari Destination for… Remote Game Viewing

Tanzania Tanzania Tanzania. We have dreams about this amazing safari destination. Some of the luxury camps and lodges in Tanzania (particularly in the South and West) are so wild and so remote that you feel you are at the ends of the earth – the vast vistas and roaming plains game only add to the romanticism of this amazing country and it is no surprise that it has long been known as one of the best safari destinations in the world – not least thanks to it’s peaceful political system and fantastic internal flight infrastructure allowing you to get into some of the most remote areas, with fantastic abundant game viewing. Ruaha National Park and Katavi are probably the best safari areas for wild game viewing in all of Africa.

Best Safari Destination for… Unadulterated Pure Luxury

South Africa has a reputation for being busy and tame, but that’s not the case, there are still areas which are exceptionally wild and offer the chance to experience some of the best game viewing in Africa, as well as some of the most exciting and exclusive lodges and camps in the world. No one does luxury, gourmet food or safari spas like the South Africans and you really will be pampered to within an inch of your life. Many of the properties will make a honeymoon or romantic trip so memorable you’ll never want to go anywhere else, and the malaria free areas and vast array of safari activities also mean this is one of the best safari destinations for families too.

Best Safari Destination for… Big Game

Botswana is famous for being one of the best safari destinations in the world and comes with a price tag to match. Here you will see elephant, buffalo, lion and leopard (and if you’re very lucky rhino too) – the game viewing is completely sensational and it certainly lives up to its reputation as one of the best game viewing areas of Africa.

Best Safari Destination for… Deserts

Of course we had to mention Namibia, that most elegant and enchanting of countries. Her dunes are so beautiful you won’t believe your eyes and desert adapted game species are also here in abundance. You are sure to capture that elusive photo of oryx silhouetted along the dunes, and to see the dead vlei and Sosussvlei, as well as the milky way every night is nothing short of mesmerising.