Botswana Safari Camps. We absolutely love Botswana safari camps – Botswana’s reputation as one of the best safari destinations in the world isn’t due just to the amazing game or pristine wilderness, it boasts some of the best luxury safari camps in the world and these will not disappoint. From luxury antique furnishings to extremely modern and chic décor there will always be a Botswana safari camp that takes your fancy. Talk to our experts to figure out which one will be for you.

A favourite Botswana safari camp of ours is actually Savute Under Canvas – it is not luxurious and not over the top but is exceptionally comfortable. It’s location however is second to none and during the high season (Jun-Oct) this area is so pumping with wildlife that it is not unusual to find the BBC or National Geographic there filming, having set up their own safari camp in the same area.

When looking up Botswana safari camps one of the most famous of all is Abu Camp. This camp is set in a pristine and remote part of the Okavango Delta and is incredibly luxurious with opulent beautifully decorated rooms and vast seating areas where one can while away the hours reading and simply enjoying being in the bush. The food is exquisite and the guides are some of the best at any of the Botswana safari camps. However it is not the incredible location or amazing guides which have led Abu to become to famous. It is in fact their herd of habituated elephants, which live on site and can take you into the bush to experience a safari from an elephant’s perspective.

Recently this luxury Botswana safari camp had a lot of publicity as Naledi was born – the newest addition to the Abu Camp family. This tiny baby elephant has been wowing guests with her playful antics and friendly nature. Baby elephants are by far the most joyous thing you can possibly imagine and bring great happiness to everyone that comes into contact with them. This luxury Botswana safari camp really is incredibly special and even more endearing, it turns out the whole herd has also been celebrating since the arrival of Naledi – grooms have reported that the herd have been in unusually high spirits. The matriarch Cathy trumpeted away in delight at this new addition. Elephants are incredibly human in their feelings and reactions and this just goes to prove that.

Elephants draw many people to Africa over and over again, watching a herd of elephants graze, play and interact is very special and you can read their expressions so easily. Baby elephants are inquisitive and friendly creatures which spend most of their time playing, and provide hours of entertainment for guests. The low grumbles and deep noises of an elephant herd are incredibly soothing.

Luxury Botswana safari camps come in many shapes and sizes which is why speaking to a real African expert, who knows where the game will be at every time of year, and knows the ins and outs of every camp, is incredibly helpful. We take our commission from the camps and lodges, not from you, so it is always more economical to book through an agent, especially since we have access to much better rates on the ground and also direct with the camps and lodges themselves. Luxury Botswana travel usually combines lodges and camps, in varying locations to make sure that your safari is varied in style and in the game species you will see.

When choosing a Botswana safari camp, you will almost certainly pick at least one in the Okavango Delta. We are in constant touch with our friends in the Delta and also out there ourselves regularly, this means that we always know what is going on, so we can make sure when you travel in Botswana you are in the right place at the right time. We have recently had reports that the water levels in the Delta have dropped significantly – this means some camps have had to stop using motorized boats as the water is just too low. Mokoro (traditional canoes) are still available in some areas. The Okavango is a constantly changing beautiful landscape full of wildlife.

One of your luxury Botswana safari camps should always be in the Kalahari or Makgadikgadi Pans, which offer a stark contrast to the lush Delta. These areas actually make up most of Botswana but too often are overlooked in favour of just the Delta, when in fact no Botswana safari is complete without taking in these vast areas only populated with desert adapted species, including meerkats, which are absolutely magical to see. The Kalahari and Makgadikgadi is also where you will find the San bushmen, Africa’s oldest traditional tribe – these charismatic and friendly people offer a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in some culture in between wildlife safaris.

One of the best luxury Botswana safari camps is in fact San Camp, open from April to October on the vast Makgadikgadi Salt Pans – this amazing camp is so luxurious it will take your breath away, and the private and remote white Moroccan style desert tents sit out on what can only be described as a truly lunar like landscape. Here you will see the milky way as you eat dinner under the stars, and spend enchanting days on the pans with the quads, meerkats or San bushmen.