Ever wondered what happens in the ‘Secret Season’ or ‘Green Season’ in Botswana? Have you ever heard of the ‘Green Season’? well, here is a little insight into one of Africa’s best kept secrets. Known as the Safari Aficionado’s best kept secret, between December through to March, this time of year offers keen safari goers an exclusive experience, a sort of secret season, where keen birders will be in paradise with different migratory birds and photographers wanting to capture that Nat Geo image of baby animals frolicking in lush grassland will be able to do just that. The African Skies put on a show like no other at this time of year in Botswana, short sharp thunderstorms erupt out of nowhere, ensuring the hotter days have a moment of coolness, alleviated by the coolness of the rain. The rain also brings beautiful colours to the bush and overall, there is a feeling of renewal making it, we think, the perfect time to travel.

At this time of year, you can explore the huge diversity of Botswana, from walking amongst the lush grasses, to taking a trip via helicopter transfer. The contrast of lagoons and crystal-clear waterways of Botswana’s famous Delta to the otherworldly expanse of the salt pans of the Makgadikgadi. It will be a trip of a lifetime. Transferring via helicopter between lodges will also give you a much better insight into the different and varied eco-systems of each location, as well as a fabulous opportunity to take stunning aerial shots – if you’re really lucky, you may even see the zebra migration from the air.

From our friends at the African Bushcamps, we thoroughly recommend their remarkable itinerary:

Starting your trip in Maun (Botswana), we will fly you into Moremi where we want to take you for three nights at Khwai Bush Camp followed by three nights Migration Expeditions.

Khwai Bushcamp is located on the very edge of the Moremi Game Reserve, right in amongst a forest of Leadwood and Sycamore trees. On arrival into camp, you will be greeted warmly and await the afternoon’s sky display by nature! Think thunderstorms which will alleviate the heat after a long trip – and you will see how much the wildlife love this too! Migrant birds will arrive in their droves and predator hunts are very common, due to the abundance of new life being delivered.

Following this we would like to put you in a helicopter and transfer you on a wonderful scenic tour down to Nxai Pan.

This polar opposite destination of the salt pans is a fantastic example of two very different eco-systems. You will almost feel like you have landed on the moon! The sunsets here are unreal, with wonderful purple, orange and red hues illuminating the sky as the sun sets. As this is an area not polluted by man-made lights, the night sky is magical. Almost electric energy with the twinkling of thousands of stars emerging out of the diminishing light.

If you would like some more information on booking a trip like this one to Botswana, or finding out some more information about the ‘Green Seasons’ or ‘Secret Seasons’ throughout Africa – it’s not just Botswana – then please do get in contact. We are dying to help you plan your trip of a lifetime to some of the most beautiful and isolated locations in the world.