From the horse’s mouth : “We firstly wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and best wishes for 2024.

The 2023 season was our best ever, welcoming more guests to our camps than ever before. Whilst camps opened in May (Ntemwa-Busanga in July) we began before this with the behind-the-scenes work of staff training (including guides and chefs) and vehicle and boat servicing, to name just a few of the ‘off-season’ jobs. Notably some small camp specific upgrades were carried out before we opened too, including upgrades to our own staff accommodation (including female-only accommodation at our Kafue camps) and a brand-new suite of guest chalets at Ntemwa-Busanga Camp!

With a lot of fun in between, the 2023 season ended with a huge rain storm in the Zambezi Valley, annoyingly only a few days before we were set to close our ‘dry season’ bush camps down there! With good humour and hard work it was a storm to remember with just shy of 100mm of rain in a few short and wet hours.

Musekese Camp on the Kafue always stays open a little later than most Zambian camps, with 2023 seeing us stay open into early December for a truly memorable and sightings-rich last group of the year (wild dog, leopard, lions, etc.!).

We now, very proudly, employ over 92 folk! Did you know we have two of Zambia’s very rare female safari guides at CZ? Guiding is very important to us, we invest heavily in this and we are very proud of our team, all the way from our top-notch trainees, to our regionally recognized elite level walking and canoe guides.

We look forward to welcoming you and your guests before too long. Space in 2024 is tight but notable gaps still exist in October. Of course 2025 and onwards still has good availability, oh and we are set to announce some exciting news soon, in time for the 2025 season…

– A new hide at Musekese Camp (and a first for the Kafue NP!). Applications were accepted for the creation of a sunken photographic hide at the famed Kamasot Plains Pool. Stay tuned for a rare opportunity for close-up encounters with rarities such as Sable, Roan and Honey Badger!

– The announcement of the very first CZ Camp in the Luangwa Valley! We are very excited by this, but not wanting to give too much away just yet as we cross the t’s and dot the i’s. Stay tuned for more info during the coming months…

– A brand new bespoke (Zambian) made Two-story pontoon boat for the Kafue River at Musekese Camp

– A Director-Guided ‘Photographic Fortnight’ at Ntemwa-Busanga Camp! A unique opportunity from mid-September to mid-October every booking will have Ty, Phil or Kyle guiding ALL guests in camp. Contact us for more details on this…

– Social Media Content Project – 2024 will see CZ embark on a more personal journey through the characters, camps and wildlife of our special camps and locations and sharing this all with you online – please do follow us on the major platforms (links below)

Our 2024 rates are out, with 2025 rates soon to follow!

We are excited to announce our specials for 2024! If you’re planning a trip to the Lower Zambezi, be sure to take advantage of our ‘Tusk and Mane Experience,’ where you can stay six nights for the price of five at either Kutali or Chula Island Camp. And for those interested in exploring the beauty of Kafue National Park, our ‘Northern Explorer’ package offers eight nights for the price of seven, split between Musekese and Ntemwa-Busanga Camps.

We also have a range of combo packages available that allow you to experience the best of both the Kafue and Lower Zambezi. Our 6, 8, 10, and 12 night packages offer a range of accommodations and activities, and include discounts on longer stays. “