As many countries in the world are coming out of their second/third wave of coronavirus and the vaccines are being widely rolled out we wanted to start talking about how you’ll be kept safe on future luxury safaris. Our team have travelled widely through Africa when travel has been allowed in 2020 and 2021. We have the most up to date first hand knowledge of how travel looks now, and in fact many of our competitors have been questioning us closely on these rules which we’ve been happy to share. Here are some notes on how the future of your African safaris look:

1       COVID IN AFRICA – East and Southern Africa have done exceptionally well at keeping transmission very low. Their rates of transmission are minimal and hospitals have remained empty and under no pressure, even in major cities. Despite this each government of every African country we work with has put in place some excellent measures when it comes to keeping residents and tourists safe, and thereby allowing tourism to open up by around August 2020.

2       ON SAFARI – of course your luxury African safari should not be inhibited by the new covid regulations and lodges and camps have been very careful to ensure the safari will still be as exciting and luxurious as before. Game drives and walks are easy – social distancing on a huge safari vehicle (which you have privately just for you and your guide) happens naturally as you are already at least 1.5 metres from your guide anyway – with walking, again you are usually walking with space around you – and on top of this we know that it has been scientifically proven that covid transmission when outside in the open air is virtually nil.

3       YOUR STAFF & GUIDES – the staff and guides have been isolating in the camps and being regularly tested to ensure the spread of the virus does not reach the camps itself. You will assisted by one butler and one guide, and all meals and game drives are private so your interaction with others is minimal and this keeps the staff and guides safe, as well as you. All meals and activities when on safari are outside, or in very open air situations once again resulting in the impossibility of covid transmission.

4       FLYING TO AFRICA – you will need a negative Covid PCR test certificate when entering Africa, usually between 96-72 hours old depending on the country you are visiting. This is now easy to arrange and we can assist you with this.

5       MULTI COUNTRY TRIPS – these will require testing between each location, again we can easily arrange this for you, and can also easily arrange the tests you need to return home. As is often the case, Africa has mobilised and there are many testing facilities all over Africa, some of which will actually fly out to the safari camp you are in and test you there, so there is no disruption to your trip.

Although there is quite a lot more admin for travel at the moment, once you’re there your safari is really not impacted and the feeling of being out in the wilderness, surrounded by nature and wildlife has never been so sweet. To be looked after in the way only a luxury safari camp does, is the most phenomenal reward after the last few months.