We’ve been monitoring the international travel situation daily and sometimes hourly (!) and we now have such HOPE, something which we all felt was very much lacking in 2020. The vaccine is beginning to make an impact and we are receiving a high number of bookings for 2022, a year that is sure to see an enormous travel boom.

We’ve managed to have some very happy guests travel through Africa in the last few months of 2020 (see our reviews), and many will be able to get away on their long planned trips this year too.

We wanted to remind you why we’re the only people to book your safaris in Africa or The Arctic with:

– We are the only tour operator that has invested in extensive travel to almost all of our destinations post the pandemic, so we really can give you first hand feedback on the rules, safety procedures and the feel of travelling as it stands right now. See our social media and website for our reports on this.

– We have maintained our exceptional level of service and stayed open throughout the entire pandemic.

– Apart from the above two unique facts about us, our standard practise of unrivalled first hand knowledge of the areas and properties, unrivalled pricing, and unrivalled VIP treatment for our guests when away still stand.

The Great Safari Travel Bounce Back

One trend we have noticed developing is that guests would prefer to simply see one country – this minimises international flights and we are delighted as it means guests can actually truly explore one country. It’s never a good idea to try and fit too much in and the slower more relaxing pace of these safaris we are planning for guests in 2021 and 2022 will provide a far more enriching experience. The only issue is that some guests would like to head to the beach at the end of their stay which limits them to Kenya or Tanzania which boast amazing coastlines and Indian Ocean islands. Of course these countries are spectacular so it’s no bad thing, but we don’t want Botswana, Namibia, Zambia or Zimbabwe to be overlooked – these parts of Africa are INCREDIBLE. Don’t forget them!!

The Great Safari Travel Bounce Back

For most of our guests the vaccine will have reached them by mid 2021 (if they have opted to have one), this will free up everyone to travel with real confidence – although we have excellent medical evac insurance and access to the top private hospitals in Africa we understand the reluctance to risk being ill while away. The positive impact of the virus will mean travel is certainly BACK ON for late 2021 and 2022. Many of our luxury properties are very small and we are already starting to see some availability issues so now is the time to book.

The Great Safari Travel Bounce Back

There are some exceptional special offers for 2022 – but it is filling up incredibly fast so don’t sit on your laurels. Get something booked in using our new flexible COVID Ts & Cs and have something to truly look forward to in the diary.