Linkwasha Camp in Zimbabwe makes you want to write, and not just a page but a whole book. It is Wilderness Safaris most luxurious safari property in Zimbabwe, and one of their best in Africa. It’s sister camp Rukomechi in Mana Pools also offers unparalleled levels of luxury but it is both of their locations which will sweep you away into an unrivalled sense of African romanticism.

Linkwasha sits in the Wilderness concession in Hwange National Park, as such there are no other people in the concession apart from Wilderness guides who are apt to split into different directions on game drives. The camp overlooks a vast open pan with sparse trees and small gatherings of bushes, in the dry season there are small waterholes which attract vast numbers of game, especially elephant, and the rest is dusty grey sand which contrasts with the green bushes to make a stunning scene. In the wetter season (November-March) the land becomes covered in short lush green grass and the game is less concentrated but still abundant. The bird life of course is sensational at this time of year.

The staff and guides are all exceptionally friendly and warm hearted and manage to be professional yet fun and enthusiastic with ease. My guide Richard was fantastic and realising I had a passion for the open grey sandy landscapes which populate this area we once drove far from the camp to a vast open plain where ostriches ran for pure pleasure, and elephants moved silently across it heading to the tree line to continue their daily eating habits. We drove back to camp quietly and peacefully each with a soda in hand, watching as the sunset changed into a million colours over the flat dusty land. The hot wind was gentle and the moment was as perfect as could be.

The rooms are spread out all with excellent views of the plains and are designed with colours to match the surrounding bush, but with some modern touches which are so appealing to most guests nowadays. The suites are huge with their own verandahs – everything revolves around the view which is no surprise, since in the height of the dry season it is not unusual to see lion, cheetah, wild dog and other game species right in front of your room. What a very special property Linkwasha Camp is, and how lucky we are to have seen it.