e make it our business to keep up to date with all luxury African safari vacation news and we always share it with you – it is our passion and commitment to providing the best luxury safari vacations in the world that means we are always talking to the right people, all of whom are on the ground in Africa and up to date with everything that’s happening. Luxury African safari vacations can be completely life changing and there is no substitute for seeing the amazing wildlife and landscapes which Africa can call it’s own. The fact that you cannot see them anywhere else in the world simply makes this luxury destination even more precious.

The latest news from luxury safari company Bushcamp Company in Zambia (we had staff out at the Bushcamp camps recently and can confirm they are mind blowing) is that they’re going to be on TV – Zambia has long been known as one of the top luxury safari vacation hot spots in all of Africa, not least because the camps are all in very wild locations and this often means clients really do have access to a natural and authentic safari. In the South Luangwa Mfuwe Lodge has released numerous shots over the years of a family of elephants that like to walk right through the main reception area. One of them is affectionately known as Wonky Tusk and we’re not surprised. He is to be on TV in the documentary called the Elephant in the Room, which will be on Animal Planet in the UK – we love watching anything and everything about Africa, the only problem being it really does make you wish you were there.

Many of our luxury African safari clients finish their vacation by taking advantage of the amazing white sandy beaches and warm waters of the Indian Ocean – many go to Mauritius, Mozambique or Zanzibar but we also send lots of lovely people to the Seychelles which comes with a price tag, but is absolutely magical. One of Africa’s top luxury beach vacation islands is North Island – this is the haunt of celebrities and other wealthy individuals and we recently heard it’s had a complete refurb and is now even more luxurious than before, which is very hard to believe.

North Island is one of the ultimate private island vacation getaways in Africa and it combines easily with any of our safari destinations – the whole island has been done in new colours, refreshed fabrics and even more comfortable décor. The emphasis is on connecting with the local flora and fauna and still feeling as if you are in Africa. It really does set the standard for barefoot luxury and is the sort of place we’d all like to retire to forever. Some of the safari lodges compliment this island perfectly to make up the ideal luxury safari vacation and we will go through each one individually to make sure that you always get exactly what you want, and that we match the perfect property to your needs. All of our consultants are extremely knowledgeable about all parts of the safari industry and know every camp and lodge like the back of their hands – nothing is too much trouble for them and we will go to the ends of the earth to make sure everything is as you want it.

When looking for a luxury African safari vacation you might well come across the Good Safari Guide Awards, which have become very prestigious. These awards are voted for by clients and by experts, so the end result is a very accurate one, which perfectly describes what’s hot at the moment. Of course we also know of some little gems, which are not so publicly acclaimed, which will also offer unrivalled game viewing experiences and life changing safari vacations. Our luxury African safari vacations will take you to camps and lodges, which are relatively unknown but extremely luxurious and in locations that are the stuff of dreams. As we have the best contacts across Africa we also have the best prices so you stay at the best properties for less, and we always include little extras along the way.

A big factor in any safari vacation is the guiding. Guides can make or break your safari and can truly screw up everything if they’re not knowledgeable enough or charismatic. We are very fussy about our guides and are delighted to say that our favourite private guiding company won a Commendation in the recent Good Safari Guide Awards. Nomad Tanzania Mobile Safaris offer the best guides in Africa, who have been trained by the Nomad team and hold a passion for Tanzania, which is unrivalled. They also know the terrain extremely well so they can take you into areas which others don’t even know exist, but which are full of wildlife.

In Botswana we use the Uncharted Africa guides, who also won a commendation (unsurprisingly) – they are simply fantastic and their knowledge seems to be endless. They are all charming with a fantastic sense of humour, which also makes your safari that bit more enjoyable. Nothing can compare to these two companies in terms of safari guides and no matter which properties we are booking we will always use these fantastic guides when it comes to private guiding. They are the people that will make your safari a life changing experience.

South Africa is a seriously fantastic safari destination booming at the moment. Luxury safari vacations in South Africa come in many shapes and sizes and the choice can be overwhelming, this is why we love helping our clients from all over the world decide upon which vacations in South Africa are for them. We know the country intimately and handpick our lodges and hotels for quality, food, location and atmosphere, so you can rest assured you’re going to have the ultimate vacation. Our South Africa luxury safari vacations are always seamless and luxurious, we often include little surprises along the way and make sure that your vacation is completely unique, and that you see the real South Africa. Of course the South African currency being so weak at the moment means that we can all stay at the best properties for less.

Kwa Zulu Natal in South Africa is the lesser travelled of all the regions but has so much to offer including the dramatic Drakensberg Mountains, the Zulu War battlefields, excellent game reserves and stunning wild Indian Ocean coastline.

Taking a tour of the battlefields is absolutely fascinating and adds another dimension to your luxury African vacation – the guides take you on a wonderful journey through the movements of the soldiers, really giving you a feel for what it would have been like. They are all charismatic and true experts on the area making this a fantastic addition to any vacation in South Africa, or as an add on to a tour of the Drakensberg.  Stay at Fugitive’s Drift and be pampered whilst enjoying learning something of the history of this amazing place. There are so many options for guests in this wild part of South Africa that it seems a shame that many miss out on seeing it.

South African safari vacations are so varied that we always find something to suit our discerning clients from all over the world. Safari vacations in South Africa are some of the most luxurious in the world, but are also fantastic value for money as the rand exchange rate is still in our favour. The game viewing on South African safari vacations is some of the best in Africa with luxury private concessions providing exclusive game viewing for clients who don’t want to be overcrowded with other people. Vacations in Africa are so varied and every country is completely different, we help you decide what will suit you as we know each country inside out.

We love planning South Africa holiday vacations for all of our clients, not least because there’s just so much variety that every trip is completely different to the one before. South Africa’s beaches are lovely but due to their dramatic and wild nature they are not really sun bathing beaches, which is why it can be wonderful to try and get to these areas of the Indian Ocean which are so famous for their white sandy beaches and warm turquoise waters – completing the perfect safari and beach vacation in our eyes.

Mozambique is particularly easy to combine with a luxury safari vacation in South Africa as there are direct flights from both Johannesburg and the Kruger so it is the perfect spot to relax in after your safari. Nuarro Lodge is Mozambique’s best eco lodge and has recently undergone complete refurbishment. All sea facing chalets have been completely re done with soft furnishings and all woodwork sanded and oiled. It is amazing how quickly salty sea air can make something look a little tired and we feel great empathy for our colleagues trying to run luxury lodges such as these, as the battle to keep it looking smart is endless.

Nuarro has also doubled its solar panels and increased the size of its water treatment plant so that the number of plastic bottles being purchased has gone down dramatically. It is wonderful that now in both South Africa and Mozambique one can go on vacation with absolutely no guilt or worry about one’s footprint on the environment. Now we just need air travel to become a little more efficient and we’ll all be onto a winner. Nearly 100% of the safari lodges are exceptionally eco friendly and it is has become an absolute pre requisite of any of the top camps, that they give back to the environment or lessen their footprint.

Tanzania luxury safaris and vacations are fun and easy to book with us, especially with the current discounts we have running across all of our Tanzania bookings. We know every camp and lodge intimately and can help you pick the perfect one for you, the choice can be a little overwhelming. We have the best rates across Africa so you can rest assured that you will always get the best price, and we often apply our own discounts as well as those being offered by Tanzania’s luxury safari camps and lodges. We are the UK’s leading luxury Tanzania safari operator and as such have access to the best specials and discounts across the board – a Tanzania vacation has never been so private, exclusive or extraordinary as it is with us.

One great option for a luxury Tanzania safari vacation if you are travelling with family or friends is a private villa. In Zanzibar there are a few private villas, which offer the ultimate in escapes after a luxurious Tanzania safari. Situated on white sandy beaches lapped by warm turquoise Indian Ocean waters these private villas comes fully staffed and are often far more economic than luxury lodges when it comes to a family of four or more. One of our favourites is Dar House which offers a luxury private villa for up to 8 guests for just £516 per night, that’s just £64 per person per night. The house itself is modern and comfortable and comes with a fantastic pool and is fully staffed.

Your private chef will liaise with you as to what you’d like to eat but you will most certainly want to take advantage of the delicious fresh seafood, which is bought off the beach each day. The garden is colourful and tropical and there is a large outdoor courtyard, which is ideal for bbqs and relaxed beachside dining. The high tide laps the pool and when it’s out reveals rock pools and a large sandbank which leads out to a permanent azure swimming lagoon, we think it’s heaven.

Luxury Botswana safari vacations also offer one of the most rewarding safari experiences there can be – Botswana safaris are remote and wild with abundant game. We currently have some of the most fantastic safari specials in Botswana we’ve ever had – email us for more information on that, we’ll send you out your own private special offers page. Botswana vacations take in some of Africa’s most beautiful and remote camps with some of best wildlife viewing in Africa. Botswana has been untouched by the hand of poaching so far compared to the neighboring countries and the abundant wildlife is happy and free. The guides in Botswana are also some of the best of any safari vacation area as the guiding laws in Botswana are very tough, meaning that only the best get through.

Sanctuary Chief’s Camp is one of our favourite luxury Botswana safari vacation destinations and offers an ultra luxurious option in one of the best areas of the Okavango Delta for game viewing. The camp is intimate and welcoming and offers gourmet food along with excellent game viewing even from the comfort of your own enormous room. The big five have been seen almost daily from Chief’s Camp and you will see something unusual and completely different every day. The amazing big cat sightings will be integrated with sightings of large elephant herds, beautifully coloured birds and plains game. Botswana is lush and stunning, and is fantastic all year round – at different times of the year there is always an area of Botswana which offers the most exquisite game viewing, if you travel between November and March there are some exceptional special offers on as this season is lesser known than the busier May to October season.