Luxury safari travel no longer includes simply luxury lodges and camps, guests quite rightly want more – they want culture, pristine beauty and vast landscapes. Luckily all the luxury safari travel we arrange includes these things, our passion is getting people off the beaten track and into areas no one else goes to. Here you will often find abundant wildlife, vast areas which are unexplored, and you will also find that your luxury safari is guided by some of the top Africa travel guides in the business, since it is these remote areas which really attracts them. Luxury safari travel has become so much more than just a safari in a nice place – here are our top luxury safari travel options which allow you to get into some of the most uncharted and wild areas of Africa, without ever compromising on luxury:

Sirikoi Lodge & A Helicopter Safari

Sirikoi Lodge is the home of world famous luxury safari operators Willie and Sue Roberts – based on Lewa in Northern Kenya the lodge itself is beautiful and very homely, with gourmet food and fantastic Lewa Downs game viewing. From here Willie will then personally plan your luxury safari travel so it takes you somewhere unknown, untouched and unexplored. Often this is by helicopter or private light aircraft. Visit the magical Lake Turkana, or the Melako area for a wonderful night spent fly camping under the stars. Never have luxury safaris been so adventurous or magical as they are from Sirikoi.

Chada Katavi & Fly Camping

Katavi in Western Tanzania takes a fair bit of flying to reach but offers guests the chance to take luxury safari travel to the next level – Katavi represents Africa as it was fifty years ago with vast open plains roamed by hundreds of buffalo, elephant everywhere and vast pods of hippo that crowd the rivers. Here there are predators around every corner and the camp itself, Chada Katavi is so romantic that you will find yourself feeling like the first great pioneers of luxury safaris. Walk out to a romantic fly camp set deep in the wilderness, for a magical night under the stars with lions roaring in the distance. This is real life luxury travel for those that want a truly unique safari.

Tena Tena & A Night in a Local Village

Tena Tena Camp in the South Luangwa is based on the private Nsefu sector which is widely known for having the best game viewing of all – luxury safari travel here offers such amazing wildlife that the BBC often film here too. Tena Tena is a luxury camp, which is open and homely, and you feel very much in the bush – here you can spend the night in a local village. The villagers are some of the friendliest and most charismatic people you will meet and a night spent out in their village is full of hilarity and fun, and a wonderful experience for those really wanting to get some proper culture into their luxury travel plans.

Abu Camp & The Starbeds

Abu Camp is another luxury safari travel destination which is very famous – they have a herd of charming habituated elephants rescued from all sorts of horrible situations that now live happily and freely at Abu Camp. Abu Camp itself is exceptionally luxurious and one of Botswana’s top luxury safari camps, and the fact that you can ride and walk with the elephants through the bush makes this one of the top safari experiences to be had in Africa. The game viewing in the exclusive area around Abu Camp is excellent and often you can spend happy days seeing lots and lots of game from the back of your elephant. To add that bit extra to your luxury travel plans in Botswana you can also sleep out under the milky way in Abu’s extremely comfortable star bed overlooking the elephant boma where these gentle giants sleep – their slow rumblings will send you into the deepest of sleeps.

Leobo & Heli Paintballing

Leobo in the malaria free waterberg South Africa is an adventurous persons dream and offers those wanting luxury safari travel with an edge the perfect solution. The vast reserve is taken on exclusive use only and so you literally have the entire reserve to yourself. Here one of the highlights is paint balling with the quad bikes and helicopters (one team on the floor, one in the air) – this is perhaps one of the most enjoyable afternoons in the bush anyone could ever spend and certainly one no one you know will have done. Luxury travel at Leobo is also punctuated with staying in one of Africa’s top private houses, with excellent guides and gourmet chefs at your disposal.