Why don’t more people go to Madikwe Game Reserve? It’s easily reachable by road or plane from Johannesburg, it’s malaria free, you can continue your safari in South Africa OR Botswana from here AND it’s completely magical. Well the answer is that people don’t know about it. We hope to do a little to dispel that now. Our MD Rose and a few of our team are in Madikwe quite regularly simply because we absolutely love it – it is quite magical. There are a handful of South Africa’s top luxury safari lodges located around Madikwe Game Reserve and it attracts some phenomenal guides thanks to the quality of the game viewing here. Here are the reasons we think everyone should consider Madikwe Game Reserve over other parts of South Africa for a safari.

The Wild Dog

Wild dog are exceptionally endangered, but Madikwe Game Reserve is one of the best reserves in all of Africa to see them. Here they have two huge packs, both living on opposite sides of the game reserve, and Madikwe is one of the only places in the world where we can almost guarantee you will see them. Madikwe operates a strict vehicle number policy which means your wild dog sighting is peaceful and tranquil and you can often spend long hours observing their amazing pack rituals and family connections.

The Anti Poaching

Madikwe Game Reserve is the leading reserve in South Africa for anti poaching – they are an example to everyone in South Africa and use the latest technologies, as well as fantastic anti poaching teams to keep their rhino, lions, elephant and other game species safe. Everywhere in Africa is currently under immense pressure when it comes to poaching – no where is safe but Madikwe’s team make a really good job at trying to keep this amazing area void of poaching.

The Scenery

Madikwe is unbelievably beautiful – everywhere you look there are mountains, escarpments and rolling hills. Combine this with the red dusty earth and you get mind blowing sunrises and sunsets, and amazing photographic opportunities for those who want to take some good snaps to return home with. Everything from an elephant at a waterhole to a wild dog hunt becomes beautiful with the dust and the backdrop of purple mountains.

The Lodges

This amazing area has unsurprisingly attracted some pretty amazing lodges – there are some of the finest in all of Africa located in Madikwe Game Reserve. Molori Safari Lodge is exceptionally modern with every modcon one could possibly want, whilst still remaining in keeping with a luxury safari atmosphere. The lodge has some of the best guides in South Africa and gourmet cuisine. Madikwe Hills is another firm favourite as the lodge feels like one big family, although it’s exceptionally luxurious it still feels very relaxing.

The Wildlife

Madikwe Game Reserve has so much game you will feel like you’re in a nature documentary. There are rhino, elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard, cheetah, wild dog and much more. The plains game here thrives and you will also see a huge amount of birdlife – anyone who decides to go to Madikwe is onto a winner.