Nomad Tanzania’s commitment to the untamed wilderness has always been epitomised through the art of walking safaris, a genuine manifestation of their profound love for the bush. Stripping away all excesses, one can immerse themselves in nature, exploring on foot.

Enter Nomad’s Expeditionary Walking Camp, a testament to the ethos of exploration. This rustic mobile camp is meticulously designed, allowing guests to venture into the most remote corners of Tanzania. Nomad’s exclusive walking program spans the Serengeti, Ruaha, and Ugalla – regions less trodden, waiting to unfold their secrets.

In the hands of Nomad’s seasoned walking camp crew, the camp is strategically positioned in optimal locations, precisely timed to synchronise with nature’s rhythm.

Embark on an extraordinary 5-day expedition in Ruaha – combine 3-nights walking safari with 2-nights in Kigelia to create an epic adventure where exceptional walks and game experience converge. Finally, take to the skies with a balloon flight, offering a breath taking perspective of wild southern Tanzania.

Also, new for 2024 at Nomad Kigelia… Embark on an enchanting sleepout under a canopy of a million stars at Kigelia, where the allure of the African night comes alive.

Available for all tents starting June 2024, this is not merely a sleep-out; it’s an immersion into the heart of the wild.

Ugalla is a hidden gem on the safari circuit but offers the chance to explore an area of Tanzania that before this has remained out of the question. An old-school safari in this wilderness out west is not something everyone can boast.