Here at The Luxury Safari Company we wanted this blog post to serve as an important reminder for all clients travelling with children to South Africa.  Despite recent confusion the Immigration rules for Minors are still in effect in South Africa. Although changes have been proposed, these have not yet been actioned. As such, the original requirements for Unabridged Birth Certificates (UBC’s) are very much still in place.

In the past passengers have been denied boarding or entry, so please be aware that the rules are strictly in place and ensure you have the child’s valid passport, valid Visa (if required) and UBC or equivalent documentation.

Guests in transit: We are often asked about guests in direct transit. UBC’s are not required for transit passengers, but baggage must then be checked through to final destination as you will not be able to pass through Immigration to re-check baggage. There is a transit hotel at Johannesburg O.R Tambo (The Protea O.R Tambo Transit Hotel) for clients who have a longer lay over and don’t want to exit the airport.

By looking at the above immigration guidelines you can see the note regarding Transit Passengers under point 6d (General Notes). As there is often confusion between the airlines and Immigration about the exact requirements, It is recommended that all passengers travel with a copy of the Department of Home Affairs document stating that no supporting documentation is required if they are in transit.

Please contact us if you would like us to clarify any of the above.