Humans as a race are of course, very vocal. We can’t help it – we have been gifted with the power of speech and to communicate to one another eloquently and efficiently. Up to a point anyway! It is fair to say, we do not suffer in silence, as a species we will let others know we are in pain, we can effectively pass on to another human being we are suffering and in need of assistance. Nature, on the other hand, cannot. For years, the natural world has dropped us hints, but we fail to pick up on them, because at the moment they are not relevant to us – this is where we are missing a beat, when nature drops hints, we need to acknowledge them, because in the long term, whatever happens in the natural world will be entirely relevant to us and ultimately it is completely relevant as we are the ones to have caused the problems in the first place.

This plastic endemic has become all-consuming, littering and gradually, insidiously destroying our oceans. We have recently received a newsletter from the North Island of the Seychelles which has provided information with what they are doing within their lodges to put a stop to this all-consuming problem.

North Island’s commitment to conservation and the environment is not only represented in the rehabilitation of the forests or the protection of endangered species, but also includes looking into our own operations and searching for new ways to reduce our footprint on nature. As a result, North Island has banned plastic straws from the island and uses only 100% biodegradable straws and food containers for activities.

Because of this action, the island is closely becoming a plastic-free island and is the latest enhancement to their marine conservation efforts which have recently been recognised at the African Responsible Tourism Awards with the gold award in the category of ‘Best for Aquatic Species & habitat Conservation.’ North Island strives to provide a leading example of not only sustainable luxury tourism within the Seychelles by removing plastic straws from the island but also strives to breaking the cycle of plastic waste infecting our oceans.

You may say, this is only a small action for a vast problem – but don’t forget that planting a small acorn will ultimately grow into a huge towering oak, we have to start small before we can grow into something huge.