So The Singita Grumeti Lodges are not only some of our absolute favourite places to send clients and stay but they also do incredible work towards conservation in their areas. We love to support lodges and camps that take it seriously, protect and give back to the communities and surrounds. Singita’s ethos stands around their “three pillars” concept – wildlife conservation, eco-tourism and community support. We love sharing this information to you!

Singita has set out to establish a 100-year purpose to protect areas of wilderness in Africa for the future generations and the last 2 decades of this project have shown that it is in fact do-able. A rise in wildlife numbers is a direct factor due to the restoration of some ecosystems and conservation efforts by Singita and the Grumeti, through training, smart technology, fully equipped anti-poaching teams solely there to protect these extremely precious and priceless natural resources.

During the great migration Singita Grumeti is a crucial area, and so when the team stepped in in 2003 the vast herds only stayed for a short 3-. week period and only 13 years later high densities stayed for up to a 6-month period. The Serengeti – Mara ecosystem supports one of the most intriguing and spectacular displays of wildlife behavior in the world and something incredibly important to protect. The Grumeti makes up 350,000 acres of grassland habitat and since the year 2003 the amount of sustainable grazing has risen making the herds stay longer, this is due in a major way to the careful year round management and protection of SGF (Singita Grumeti Foundation) and the anti-poaching scout force.

Anti- poaching is a huge and ongoing challenge especially as poor local communities use “bush meat” as their only source of protein so outreach education programs have been put in place highlighting the importance of wildlife, environmental sustainability and further contribution to the biodiversity of the region. The Grumeti and Singita have achieved a significant decline in illegal poaching over the years thus directly affecting the populations of large mammals. Elephant populations have quadrupled, giraffe and topi have tripled and the buffalo population has expanded ten times what it was just 11 years ago ensuring Grumeti is an excellent game spot all year round.

The Singita properties located in the Grumeti Reserve are;

Explore Grumeti

Faru Faru Lodge Grumeti

Sabora Tented Camp Grumeti

Sasakwa Lodge Grumeti

Serengeti House Grumeti

Singita appreciate and rely on any and all donations made towards their conservation efforts, contacting them directly or going onto their website and following the link to donate. The Singita website also has incredible videos and information on the other areas of Africa where they have put these conservation programs in place.

They rely and appreciate any donations towards the foundation, if any of you would like more information or would like to make a donation to the project and anti- poaching feel free to contact us or Singita directly.