Singita Mara River Tented Camp

This intimate and much-loved tented camp, situated on a dramatic riverbend in the northernmost tip of the Serengeti, is set to be reinvigorated and its bold and playful new look is revealed on 1 June 2023. Located on a dramatic riverbed in the remote Lamai triangle in the Serengeti, this permanent tented camp celebrates a unique sense of place and cultural inspiration.

Created for travellers longing for rare adventures, the romance of tented luxury and a remote location with heightened opportunities to experience Africa’s wilderness and wildlife in full, Singita Mara River tented Camp also vividly mirrors local culture in various forms. Eye catching designs inspired by vibrant Maasai geometrics add touches of colour to the relaxed and unfussy atmosphere, while locally made furniture and accessories ensure comfort, an element of surprise, and the light-hearted style at the heart of Mara’s free spirit.

Mara’s new incarnation celebrates the remarkable landscape. A palette inspired by the setting, and eye-catching accents and art inspired by the vibrant colours and graphic patterns of local Maasai beadwork and textiles, set the tone for an engaging and exciting, yet comfortable camp. Here, a dynamic design goes hand in hand ease and comfort -embodying the adventurous and light-hearted spirit at the heart of Mara.

Mara’s new look pays homage to the colourful palette and geometric motifs so central to Maasai culture. Intricate beadwork and patterns in saturated tones of blood red, ochre and indigo feature on furniture, art and accessories, while a soothing and grounding palette of foliage -inspired green and rich, earthy browns allows the camp to merge with the wilderness.

In the main lodge area, a new pool sala will invite casual alfresco dining and relaxed lounging, and to facilitate easy coming and going during the day between outings, guests can help themselves from the signature bar-deli whenever they want to.

Similarly, Mara’s food offering too has evolved to embody this sense of ease. Refreshed and renewed with an enhanced emphasis on East African flavours, as ever, well-being forms the foundation of our menus and locally sourced and seasonal ingredients feature prominently.

Wholeness is woven into your stay throughout, with wellness treatments outdoors, gym, yoga and meditation on your deck, to leisurely soaks in a bathtub overlooking the Mara River making connecting with nature seamless.

Mara operated entirely off the grid and relies on a custom-designed solar system for its power. LED lights throughout result in a lower load. More indigenous trees have been planted around the camp to create additional shade and negate the need for air conditioners. Appliances such as the bar-deli fridges, and the energy-efficient fans in tents are all AAA rated. Additionally, artisans from the area and the only local construction workers worked in the project.

Signita’s guests traverse 98,000 acres of remote and untouched wilderness in Tanzania’s Serengeti, and have exclusive access to some of the world’s most sought-after game viewing including one of the famed crossing routes of the Great Migration.