It’s something quite honestly something you will never get used to, elephants, rhino, Grevy’s Zebra and waterbuck (to name a few) all together round the water only a few meters away. I have had the pleasure of staying at Sirikoi Lodge on a couple of occasions and that is also something I don’t think I will ever stop being amazed by.

The lodge is set in one of the most beautiful parts of Kenya, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. It’s comfortable, luxurious and you pretty much have all the game on your doorstep. Nditu the Giraffe cruises the gardens and visits the breakfast table, Nditu is a fan of oranges and I quickly found out and takes them out your palm, I refrained from feeding the whole bowl to her as much as I would have liked to. The birds at Sirikoi are known by name, there is Verner and Helga Von der Decker (Von der Deckers Hornbill’s you can feed by hand) and Toe Knee Hopkins (a starling with a bad leg), they are always on the main deck and very used to people.

On one occasion I was walking across the lawn outside the lodge when a huge black rhino with the most incredible horn was spotted starting to make his own way up to the lawn. “Surely not” I said turning to Nikki (assistant manager and my sister in law). We sat and quietly watched as he came closer stopping every so often, he came up onto the lawn had a look around and gently walked off again. This happens often apparently. Elephant also frequent the waterhole in front of the lodge and always seem to be there at the perfect time – lunch. I was told on my last visit that there had been a leopard that had decided to make Sirikoi home for a couple of weeks, it had taken up residence in the long grass just below the lawn in front of the cottage – it was spotted often and didn’t pay much attention to anyone.

Behind the scenes goings on at Sirikoi are impressive to say the least between the kitchen, workshop and huge vegetable garden I was able to gauge the extent of work that goes into a place like that and they are very happy for guests to have a look. When out for a drive we went onto Lewa and then up on to a nearby hill where we had 360 degree views and game all around us, another spectacular sunset. Days here are relaxed, informal, homely yet very very spoiling. This camp has tonnes of repeat guests and I think that says it all.