We know we bang on about Southern Tanzania safaris all the time, but they really are the best. The vast open spaces, the wild and rolling topography and the wildlife viewing all gel to make Southern Tanzania one of the hottest safari destinations in the world. Here we take you through some of the best points about taking a safari in Southern Tanzania, and why you should all try and do it once in a while. It is by far the favourite place of all of our experts, and we try and get down to Southern Tanzania on our own private safaris at least once a year. There is something truly magical about this very special place, and we want to share it with everyone.

The Location

Southern Tanzania safaris certainly feel about as wild as it gets, however you will find the journey time to get there (compared to other parts of Africa) very easy. In fact you arrive into Dar es Salaam off your International flight at about 09h30 and by 10h30 you are on a short 25 minute light aircraft flight into the wondrous Selous. Many of the most remote and wild areas of Africa take a lot of travelling to, but not Southern Tanzania. From here you can easily get directly to Ruaha or to Zanzibar, a fantastic circuit which many people do in various forms.

The Wildlife

The wildlife viewing in Southern Tanzania is completely underestimated. Ruaha National Park offers such dramatic and startling game viewing that you might well find you never venture anywhere other than Southern Tanzania on safari again! In the Selous and Ruaha the properties are so far apart that the guiding is authentic and natural without use of radios – this means guides use sounds of the bush and tracking to find the wildlife, which makes the whole experience exceptionally rewarding.

The Safari Operators

Due to the sheer beauty, size and topography found in Ruaha and the Selous it has attracted some of the most knowledgeable safari operators around – here you find some of the most mesmerising camps and lodges in all of Africa. Southern Tanzania boasts everything from mobile walking camps, to sleep outs, boats and much more – the experience is all about getting out of the car and really experiencing Africa as everyone should, naturally and organically. You get so much more on a safari experience here than one gets anywhere else.

The Scenery

Finally, last but certainly not least, Southern Tanzania safaris will take you through some of the most dramatic and beautiful scenery one can imagine – lakes and rivers criss cross the landscape, as do doum palms, plains, forests, hot springs – everything you could possibly want for lives here, including large forests of giant baobabs. You will never see such interesting scenery elsewhere and will come away with some stunning photographs of the wildlife punctuating dramatic landscapes full of excitement and promise. You will not see another vehicle on your safaris in Ruaha or the Selous and this is also a huge treat.