Ever since Chem Chem started we have supported them whole heartedly and on a recent return trip to see Little Chem Chem (their relatively new bush camp) we remembered exactly why. Both camps are so different that the combination of the two is deal, both located in private conservancies one fosters passions for walking, and the other big game (as well as walking, night drives, massages and much more).

Little Chem Chem fast became one of our favourite camps in all of Africa, the location is wild, remote and simply breathtaking. The staff are efficient and professional but friendly and comfortable. The food was out of this world. Elephants came to the waterhole in front of camp all day and night and were heard silently padding past the tent every evening, as lions roared not far away. The conservation and research projects here are second to none and you really are giving back when you stay here, as well as being able to have authentic and natural cultural experiences with the tribe who’s land Little and main Chem Chem lease their land off. This really is paradise on earth and is by far one of Tanzania and Africa’s best couple of properties.