Time + Tide own and operate a large number of our favourite properties across Zambia – not only are their properties ranging from pure but luxurious simplicity, to exclusive safari havens – but their contribution to local communities and conservation projects is second to none. The Time + Tide Foundation does vast amounts of work with local and rural communities and funds numerous conservation initiatives set up by the foundation itself.

Time + Tide’s main group of safari camps are in the South Luangwa National Park and offer amazing options, such as walking between each camp, fly camping under the stars, day and night drives, boat safaris at certain times of year and much more. The game viewing in the South Luangwa is sensational, with some of the best leopard sightings in Africa, wild dog, lion and tonnes of elephant, buffalo and plains game.

Time + Tide also do food and guides exceptionally well – two things that in our experience are vital for making up a life changing awe inspiring luxury safari.

As we write this we are in the month of October – the heat in the South Luangwa will be building to a crescendo and although this can mean some pretty punchy daily temperatures it will reward you in spades by providing some of the most exhilarating predator experiences in Africa. As the water sources dry up the prey species have to head to the river, or other small dams for water, this is ideal for the predators as they lie in wait for easy pickings. October safaris are certainly not for the faint of heart.

As well as the South Luangwa, Time + Tide operate in the world famous Lower Zambezi National Park where October offers some incredible catch and release tiger fishing as well as exceptional safaris for all of the above reasons. The huge Zambezi River which borders The Lower Zambezi National Park offers the perfect back drop to some extraordinary wildlife sightings. Even outside of the predator action you will often see many species together, as they crowd round water sources.

The Liuwa Plains is home to Time + Tide’s King Lewanika Lodge – a stunning luxury eco friendly lodge in a vast area with absolutely no other people apart from conservation and zoology researchers. This vast open area is host to a large migration of wildebeest in October and November, which feeds into the natural large population of cheetah and hyena in this area.

We absolutely love going on safari in October as the inter-species action is second to none, this applies most heavily to Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe but also applies to Kenya and Tanzania – also slightly less so. Kenya and Tanzania are close enough to the equator that they don’t reach such high temperatures in October. If you want stunning photographs and videos of wild coloured sunrises and sunsets, and some serious action when it comes to predators – and you don’t mind being a bit hot – then October is for you. Let’s be honest though, there’s something special happening in Africa every month of the year!