The luxury safari bathtub is a relatively new thing – but gosh has it taken off, and we’re not really surprised. What could be better than soaking in a deep warm bath whilst watching elephants below you splash around in a waterhole. Just magical. Only the most luxurious and exclusive camps have these amazing bathtubs and we would like to draw attention to them all. They really are an absolute treat and make the experience so much more relaxing, and so spoiling. Here are our top ten luxury safari bathtubs in Africa.

1            Madikwe Hills – Madikwe, South Africa

Madikwe Hills is located in the malaria free Madikwe Game Reserve, where the game viewing is incredible and the red dusty mountains make for spectacular scenery. The lodge itself is very luxurious, modern yet elegant in style and very relaxed – so although it is extremely luxurious you do feel as if you can walk around in your dressing gown. The bath tub is one of the most spectacular in Africa as the image shows, but make sure you book the right room, as they only have one.

2            Garonga Safari Camp – Kruger, South Africa

Garonga is located in a private conservancy which is near the Kruger – here you will come back from your game drive and find a rose petal filled bath, with candles lit and your favourite drink waiting for you. It really is an incredibly romantic way to finish the day off and this is a bush bath that really is out in the bush.

3            Elsa’s Kopje – Meru, Kenya

Elsa’s has some of the most amazing views in Africa and their outdoor bathtub makes the most of these – you can soak up the bubbles and the views which are often populated by elephant and buffalo on the plains below. Nothing can compare to the red dust of Meru and the remote feeling of the lodge, which is historically important in the story of George Adamson and Elsa the lion.

4            Saruni Samburu – Samburu, Kenya

In room 4, the most romantic room in the lodge you will find a bathtub so comfy, and so luxurious that you will never want to get out – again this amazing room has such dramatic views, and one guest even watched a leopard jump down from the rock outside the window next to the bath.

5            Cottar’s 1920s Camp – Masai Mara, Kenya

This really is a bath like no other – everything in this extremely luxurious camp has been taken from the real campaigns of the first great African explorers. Therefore the baths are also canvas, as were the original ones they used – they are positioned with amazing views of the Mara, and you will often be watched by nosy giraffe in the area.

6            Zarafa Camp – Okavango Delta, Botswana

Zarafa Camp is one of Botswana’s most exclusive luxury safari camps and so it makes sense the baths here should be as magnificent as they are – they are made of copper and are stand alone roll top baths which are truly truly magical. Here you are right smack in the middle of the lagoon so you may well be joined by gentle elephants making their way past your luxury suite.

7            Sabora Camp – Grumeti, Western Serengeti, Tanzania

This camp was put in the middle of some vast short grass plains and there are always zebra and wildebeest dotted around the camp. The baths here are huge and have views of the plains and you will often find you have spent many an hour in the bath just watching the foals, or baby wildebeest play and frolic.

8            Sayari – Northern Serengeti, Tanzania

Sayari in the Northern Serengeti has vast suites all of which have beautiful bathtubs – the doors directly in front of the bathtubs open up and create the most amazing view of the surrounding bush, during the wildebeest migration you will certainly be kept entertained by their crazy antics outside your room.

9            Ngorongoro Crater Lodge – Northern Tanzania

Here the bathtubs make the most of the views of the Ngorongoro Crater which are surely the best views in all of Tanzania – it would be very hard to imagine anything quite as beautiful as this lodge and you will never grow bored of soaking up the changing shades of the Crater below you.

10            Royal Zambezi Lodge – Lower Zambezi, Zambia

Royal Zambezi Lodge is the only option with a spa in the Lower Zambezi, and also has some of the best staff and guides in the business – here your outdoor bath takes in the calm view of the Zambezi River, which is truly majestic in it’s path through Africa. You will more than likely have spent the day canoeing, walking or game driving down this amazing river so it’s a wonderful way to end your day, soaking in the tub thinking about all the amazing things you’ve seen.