We specialize in organizing some of the top Africa safaris in the world, and our niche is getting people off the beaten track into areas which are exceptionally beautiful, have absolutely no people but do have abundant game viewing. Here we would like to show you ten of Africa’s top safari locations when it comes to remote and wild game viewing. Nothing can compare to having a unique wildlife sighting when you are the only vehicle. This is what we believe luxury safaris are all about, and you will notice that some of the top safari areas we mention below are recommended at certain times of the year, if not seeing another person is a priority to you. Some areas have become busy, but luckily Africa is big enough, with enough top safari operators to accommodate those that want remote and wild game viewing, in some of the most pristine and unique areas of Africa. Here are our top ten Africa safari locations for wild and remote game viewing:

Liuwa Plains – Zambia

The Liuwa Plains are the most exciting set of rolling plains in all of Africa, it is so remote that there aren’t even scheduled flights to get there so you have to join a set departure and end up at a tiny wild safari camp in this magical area, with a few like minded people and some exceptional Norman Carr safari guides. This is one of the top places in Africa to see hyena, wild dog or cheetah hunt and it even has it’s own wildebeest migration. You’ll never get over the beauty of this place.

Lower Zambezi – Zambia

In Zambia it is actually the South Luangwa that has the reputation as the top Africa safari location – but it has also become quite busy in the more central parts (Nsefu Sector and the Southern South Luangwa are still very wild) and the Lower Zambezi is now shining through as the best place to visit if you want wild and remote game viewing. Here there are elephants around every corner, and some of the most beautiful scenes playing out right in front of you, with the Zambezi River, and small streams leading off it. Predator action here is also fantastic and the guides, particularly at Sausage Tree Camp, are phenomenal.

The Kalahari – Botswana

This vast desert covers the whole of Botswana and includes that famous top safari location the Okavango Delta – so often people travel on luxury safaris to the Delta and forget they have one of the most interesting areas in all of Africa on their doorstep. This area comes alive from November to March when the flowers are out and the game pours in, this is actually when the Delta is not at it’s best and we often suggest guests only go to the Kalahari at this time of year. A safari here will be one of the top in Africa to see brown hyena and black maned Kalahari lion.

Selinda – Botswana

The vast and beautiful Selinda Reserve is in the Northern Okavango and boasts such a vast area, with such strong anti poaching and conservation techniques, as well as some of Africa’s top safari camps and lodges (only a handful for a vast space) that it is no surprise that this has long been known as one of the top places in Africa for wild safari viewing. Here you can ride, walk, canoe, mobile camp or stay in one of Botswana’s top safari camps, Zarafa or Selinda.

Marataba Game Reserve – The Waterberg, South Africa

Although South Africa is known to be one of the top luxury destinations of the world it’s safaris have a reputation for being a little tame – this is not the case and this stunning private conservancy complete with top safari lodge (just the one!) proves that. Here you will not see another vehicle and can even spend time in their new luxury trails lodge which specializes in walking. Nights spent out on the plains with views of the Milky Way are breathtaking – and the views of the Waterberg Mountains directly in front of the lodge are quite unbelievable.

Tswalu Kalahari – South Africa

Tswalu has just two properties both of which are known to be two of the top Africa safari camps in the world. They offer access to one of the most beautiful areas of the Southern Kalahari and the vistas here are never ending, they seem to last forever. In a day everything can change here – a drop of rain will see a sea of flowers appear, and the desert adapted species such as pangolin and aardvark are rife here. Meerkats are also a highlight as are the cheetah and black maned Kalahari lions. Another magical Kalahari option.

Ruaha National Park – Southern Tanzania

Although the Selous has the most exceptional wild game viewing too, Ruaha is even better and is slowly making it’s way to the top of the African safari list when it comes to exceptional game viewing in remote and wild locations. Here the game viewing is at the top of it’s game (sorry!) and you will be the only vehicle. For true wilderness stay at Kigelia Ruaha or Kichaka Walking Expeditions – you won’t believe how wild it feels. Just mesmerising. The landscape here is also completely different to anything in the rest of Africa with rolling hills and baobab forests.

Katavi – Western Tanzania

Katavi is whispered on the wind by safari consultants everywhere – it is remiscent of Africa fifty years ago with vast herds of buffalo roaming the plains, tonnes of hippo and crocs and predators around every corner – it is no surprise that this amazing place is considered one of the top Africa safari places for those that like wild off the beaten track safaris – particularly from Chada Katavi, a luxury safari camp which has no rivals when it comes to enchanting locations and excursions – the fly camping option here is an absolute must.

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy – Northern Kenya

Lewa is famous as one of the top places in Africa to see rhino, they have pioneered rhino conservation since the early days and it is magical to see both black and white rhino, and their young babies happily grazing on the plains, as elephant move towards the marshes. Here you also have one of Africa’s top safari camps, Sirikoi – elephant and other game species are often at the waterhole in front of camp and your experience here will be wild, remote and incredible scenic – as you head out on your morning game drive you will be greeted by Mount Kenya herself.



The Chyulus – Southern Kenya

This amazing place also has views of that very famous mountain, Kilimanjaro. Here we recommend taking our mobile camp (run by Roberts Safaris) and exploring from the haven of one of the top mobile camps in Africa. This is one of the top places in Africa for a wild and luxury safari with no other people around, you can see abundant game, particularly large elephant bulls and also have a completely authentic cultural experience with the local Masai.