Update as of the 2nd Oct 2020: As this pandemic continues to move forward in different ways we thought it was a good time to update you on what’s happening in Africa and where you can safely travel to right now. We also wanted to remind you that safaris as are safe as it gets in terms of social distancing, doing activities outside and seeing very few other people. This has allowed all of our luxury safari camps and lodges to easily implement new protocols which keep both their staff and guides safe, and of course you safe.

As we are all aware travel has stopped almost overnight, this means that the lodges and camps in Africa are clamouring for guests so that they can bring back their full complement of staff and get everyone back to work – the result of this is discounts, we’re not usually found peddling special offers to clients as we sell objectively but if you have always dreamed of that amazing safari through Africa but have found it outside of your price range then BOOK NOW. For all those safari regulars I am sure you too will enjoy having to spend 50% of what you usually spend. So let’s catch up on where we’re at with certain parts of Africa – for details on in camp protocols please contact us, this blog focusses on entry:

*Africa was mercifully not hit hard by COVID – as time goes on we will be privy to scientific research which will explain why this was, but for now we can confirm they had very few COVID cases compared to the rest of the world – we have confirmed this through our esteemed contacts on the ground and also our own travels to Africa in the last 2-3 months.


Those amazing endangered gorillas need protecting, so their COVID rules are a little more stringent than other countries: you must have a negative PCR Covid test certificate no older than 96 hours from the day of landing, on landing you will take another test and must remain in your hotel for 48 hours while the test results come back. If you are travelling between different National Parks you will also have to take further tests at the conveniently placed testing centres. Temperature checks are done at every property, and throughout your stay.


Nairobi airport was the most seamless airport we have been through in the last couple of months – you need your negative PCR test certificate, and a QR code gained online before travel, AND your pre purchased visa and then you simply wizz through. We have had guests recently out there viewing the Wildebeest Migration with absolutely no other guests – BLISS. Temperature checks are done on arrival at every property.


Tanzania does not require a COVID test to enter, but health forms and checks are done throughout your stay and on arrival. Temperature checks are done and recorded at every stop/camp/lodge.


Zambia and Zimbabwe have just opened up and both require a negative PCR Covid test certificate to enter. Protocols are in place which keep everyone safe.

SOUTH AFRICA – OPEN – but not to UK or USA citizens.

NAMIBIA – OPEN – they are slowly re-opening, we will update this page with more info.




Some airlines will require you to have a negative PCR test to board your flight home – we have got you covered. We can either fly a clinician to you wherever you are on your safari, or if easier you can spend a night in a luxurious boutique town hotel in the middle of your safari – continuing on with your trip while you wait for your results (guaranteed between 48-72 hours) to fly home with.

Essentially we have adapted to the new normal and will ensure that your luxury safari remains exclusive, seamless, and magical – the protocols we have first hand experience of within the camps and hotels themselves do not negatively impact your safari and were hardly noticed in this ‘new normal’ we are all living in.