Zambian Horseback Safaris – 2023 Season opens on 01 July!

Feel the freedom of galloping side by side with magnificent herds of Giraffe, Zebra and Wildebeest. A stay at Zambian Horseback Safaris allows for pure riding freedom over ancient floodplains without holes, providing the space for long stretches of fast paced riding on well-schooled horses, as well as the opportunity to explore ancient lands, tree, the Zambezi River and enjoy a privileged encounter with the Lozi people of the Simalaha.

Zambian Horseback Safaris is dedicated to preserving the magnificence of the Simalaha Wilderness alongside the communities that live there. Your ride contributes towards the local community, their wildlife, and their land. Every visitor to this camp impacts the way the community thinks about their wildlife and their environment. This place of wild beauty is an ecology worth holding onto, not to mention the Lozi culture with their long-term history on the Zambezi River.

A seven-night stay offers riders endless canters on the Zambezi floodplains, ending off with a few nights in the beautiful rustic luxury of Chundukwa River Lodge which is only a stone’s throw from the magnificent Victoria Falls.

Your host at Zambian Horseback Safaris is Doug Evans, one of Zambia’s most respected horsemen and a conservationist who has been exploring, observing, and championing wild places in Zambia for over 40 years. Doug’s dream of leading horse-lovers on multi day rides in a remote wilderness has come true in the Simalaha Wildlife Conservancy and it is due to this passion that Zambian horse safaris have become well known for offering exceptionally high standards of guiding.

Zambian Horseback Safaris are a responsible Tourism operator, contributing to the Simalaha Conservancy Trust in order to empower and support community initiatives to move out of poverty and to develop a love and ownership of their wildlife. Simalaha benefits from concession fees as well as the training and eemployment of local peoples in the construction and running of the camp.

Non-Riding Partners or Friends are welcomed at Zambian Horseback Safaris. The peacefulness and relaxed energy of the place is indescribable and if you’re looking to get away from it all with your friend or partner, this is certainly a place to reboot and revive your senses. There are few roads in the Simalaha Wildlife Conservancy, but there is the option for some light safari experiences and exploration within the Conservancy. Non riders may also meet the riders for certain cultural experiences and picnic/sundowner spots if they wish to do so. The Simalaha is a beautiful place to take long walks with or without a horse for company, use bikes, ride, or walk the Baobab Trail and visit the villages. Bird watching, boat cruises and fishing on the Zambezi River can also be arranged at additional cost. All visitors may lose themselves in the insatiable peacefulness of the place, put their feet up, read a good book and enjoy a dip in the eco-pool.

There are a number of confirmed dates with available saddles – ideal for singles or couple to join and all rides begin every Sunday.