For quite a while we have been waiting, with bated breath, as to when we can hop on a plane and jet off to sunnier climes. currently, however, this joy is still quite a way a way (we are remaining hopeful however!) but we can still dream and plan our escapes away. We have had some positive and exciting news from Tanzania’s Serengeti. Legendary Expeditions has had some time to update and re-do their fabulous migration camps in the Serengeti and have renamed these small boutique canvas tented camps – re-introducing Songa Migrational Camp, Nyasi Migrational Camp and Mila Tented Camp.

Migration Camps Tanzania Migration Camps Tanzania

The point of a migration camp you ask? Well, throughout the year, the famous migration of thousands upon thousands of wildebeest and zebras, work their way in a clockwise motion around the Serengeti plains following the rains and mostly seeking out the freshest grass. To have migration camps enables you to be placed right in the centre of where the action is at, these supremely comfortable, traditionally tented camps are placed in the right locations for you to not miss a thing.

Migration Camps Tanzania Safari Migration Camps Tanzania Safari Migration Camps Tanzania

Our first camp, Songa Migrational Camp is the furthest north camp out of the three and will be opening their canvas doors to guests from this June 2021. Reached by your own small charter plain, Songa is a very remote camp snuggled within the stony outcrops of Kogatende – perfect setting to witness the dram unfolding in front of you on the plains. At this small, tented camp, you can also enjoy hot-air-ballooning experiences, where you will silently glide above the treetops, or take advantage of having your own private vehicle and guide with full days out on safari for a proper adventure. Bush dining is also on the cards where on your return from your afternoon or full days safari, there will be a fire, candles a table all set up underneath a canopy of stars, whilst you enjoy the delicious delights prepared for your supper. Utter bliss.

Safari Migration Camps Tanzania Safari Migration Camps Tanzania Safari Migration Camps Tanzania

Nyasi is the second Migration camp located within the Lamai grasslands of Northern Serengeti. Nyasi will be opening its canvas tented doors in 2022 – but we will keep you posted as to when this will re-open. What we can tell you is, that you can look forward to this wonderful camp opening as it combines well with its sister camp – Songa – Nyasi will be smaller than Songa, with only eight en suite tents and one family tent. All of the tents are discretely positioned and blend well into their natural habitats ensuring maximum privacy. You are able to pre-book this camp and we recommend you do this, as it will be very popular upon opening and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on such a special camp.

Safari Migration Camps Tanzania Safari Migration Camps Tanzania

Finally, we are nearly halfway through the year, so for some people thinking about what to do at Christmas is top of the list. Mila Tented Camp will be opening exclusively for the festive season (21st December 2021 – 5thJanuary 2022). Mila is the perfect tented camp for those seeking the ultimate adventure and traditional safari tented experience. Mila Tented Camp consists of 5 en-suite double tents and one family tent. What type of adventures are you likely to enjoy when staying here – night and day safaris, walking safaris, very authentic cultural experiences, fly camping (this will be at an extra cost), and you are feeling VERY adventurous how about a Helicopter trip over the stunning East African Rift Valley. If you didn’t feel like sharing your Christmas with anybody else, then you are able to stay at Mila on an exclusive use basis – but you will have to hurry up, because it is very popular!

So, although travel may be tricky for some nationalities, this is a way to have something booked up in the diary to look forward to. For others that can easily travel, then why wait! Go go go!