****News from Samburu****

Last month marked a significant milestone for the Sarara Foundation due to the support and donations of generous benefactors, Samburu have welcomed their first ultrasound device which is a huge milestone for maternity care. As the team has never had access to equipment of this kind, this life-saving tool will provide the pregnant women at the heart of community with enhanced care. Nurses Dorcas and Parito were also privileged to attend Point of Care Ultrasound training, guided by two trained experts. The training also involved hands-on experience, and while 30 expectant mothers from Namunyak Conservancy were carefully examine, some incredible discoveries such as rare and complex twin pregnancy were made. The addition of the ultrasound’s device has opened unprecedented doors in nomadic maternal and neonatal services, and its created immense joy and excitement among the expectant mothers giving them a chance to see their babies, and now hear their heartbeats in utero for the first time.

In other news The Sarara Foundation’s fourth nomadic Montessori school is set to open very soon. For the past four years, it’s been a joy to see more than 600 children at the schools in Lengusaka, Tintil and Ntaparani develop, learn, and play. As the final preparations for the new school at Louwai Obo are starting, we’re so excited and unlocking all the new learners’ potential and helping them to grow too. Samburu believes that education holds the power to shape the leaders of the future who will change the world, conserve the precious landscapes and wildlife, and help communities prosper. Did you know that indigenous peoples are the guardians of 80% of the world’s remaining biodiversity? More reason to prioritise the education of local children. The vision is to keep expanding the unique school system to fulfil everyone’s fundamental right to learning and provide world class schooling that celebrates the Samburu’s culture and heritage. Seamlessly incorporating an honouring the indigenous community, the Montessori pedagogy embraces that Samburu culture doesn’t work with ages, but rather in age sets. It encourages a spirit of camaraderie. Community and unity- a sentiment that’s been woven into the Samburu lifestyle for centuries. Being nomadic pastoralists also means moving with their livestock in search of grazing, and so classrooms therefore need to be mobile and collapsible.

Sarara wins prestigious award for extraordinary commitment at the 2023 We Are Africa Awards held in Cape Town. The Extraordinary Commitment Award recognises the efforts of a company making a real difference in conservation, sustainability, and community upliftment. The award is a great recognition for the entire Sarara team and the Samburu community of Namunyak Conservancy who have been tremendously dedicated to the collective vision and putting in the hard work, day in and day out.