It seems the African continent is all of a buzz with new eco-friendly properties popping up left right and centre. We have some exciting news from our friends at Natural Selection that they will be introducing a brand-new eco-friendly camp in Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Looking to open its doors in June 2023, North Island Okavango will open its doors to the public. Located in one of the most beautiful and game rich areas of the Okavango Delta and just north of the famous and wonderfully luxurious Duba Plains and Vumbura. So, we know North Island Okavango will be in the most sensational location for incredible game viewing opportunities.

We are told it will be an Okavango Delta safari experience like no other. With only three premier tented suites in the making, one very private island for location and a hive or year-round safari activities to choose from. Activities to look forward to including game drives, morning and evening, mokoro trips, boating on the Delta, hot air ballooning plus scenic helicopter flights, guests are in for a wild treat as they explore what is undoubtedly one of the most famous wildlife-watching destinations and areas in the world.

North Island Okavango camp is surrounded by a mosaic of islands all netted together by shining lagoons and transient channels. As you explore this incredible eco-system of floodplains, open savannahs, and woodlands, you’ll enjoy wildlife encounters like never before. For keen birders, this is a dream come true location to be in, with over 350 species of birds recorded in the area and all the key Okavango specials near endemics to be found here.

North Island Okavango will offer exceptional comfort, style and luxury. A distinct interpretation of cutting-edge design, mixed with local craft using bold striking colour, distinguishes this relaxed sophisticated camp. The camp itself is ringed by a congregation of enormous and stunningly beautiful trees (delights of ebony, mangosteen, rain trees, leadwood and wild fig) and it packs a lot of punch! The use of textures, fabrics and local craftmanship celebrating the modern Africa extends through to the generously sized rooms. Here guests will be able to enjoy 140 square meters of inside and outside floor space to relax and indulge in. With private plunge pools, sunken sundeck, indoor and outdoor showers, bath, air-conditioning over the bed, a fireplace and Wi-Fi, each suite offers incredible comfort, without compromising on safari style – we cannot wait to see the final pictures!

This beautiful little camp, set to open its doors in June 2023, with the wild beating on its doorstep just imploring one to explore its secrets, it makes North Island Okavango, quintessentially what a premier Okavango Delta safari should ultimately be! And we cannot wait to explore this for ourselves, the detail of this special camp simply tantalises our travelling taste buds and we cannot wait to see it in the flesh and to send our guests to experience its wonders. Watch this space for some exciting updates for this camp, coming soon!