Wellness at Great Plains

Ol Donyo Lodge believes the best way to start a day is with wellness as a goal. Across southern Kenya, at Ol Donyo Lodge the guests came back after a long horse ride beaming, soaking up the day, a wellness of a different kind. Everywhere guests are offered healthier eating choices as a matter of routine. The camp has well trained masseuses and we encourage exercise while on safari, where exercise bikes and sets of weight resistance equipment are in rooms/tents. Pillow choices and scents are offered to give guests the best sleep and yoga mats to limber up.

Still, it is about feeding your body with great fresh food and each of the camps in Kenya has just completed building protected vegetable gardens, producing fresh vegetables so food can go from the ground to the table in minutes. In Botswana a centralized fresh vegetable farm is being created which is community based providing jobs so that this concept of wellness goes out into the nearby villages too where food is donated to encourage healthier living. Great Plains has a soccer and netball program known as ‘Conservation Goals’ is getting kids to exercise more, and athletic programs take that to adults. In short Great Plains believes in the mantra that you should have a healthy mind in a healthy body, in a healthy environment, and wellness is the tool used to maintain that.

Great Plains believes that wellness is an essential maintenance item to refresh camps, change décor and refurbish vehicles as well as nourish the body in order to keep the dream fresh and alive. A Healthy mind in a healthy body in a healthy environment. At the luxury camps guests can expect 1000 square foot tents, plunge pools, wine cellars, in-room massages and spa treatments and even a professional camera and lenses and high quality binoculars in each tent.

In line with wellness Great Plains uses UV reverse osmosis for drinking water and eco-friendly greywater recycling systems. Zarafa has a cutting-edge biogas system that converts vegetable scraps into methane based cooking gas. The Lodge is committed to reducing waste and eliminating single -use plastic in all of the camps. At Great Plains, guests can experience a blend of 100% conservation with 100% luxury, compromising neither while maximising both.

Walking in the bush is an incredible cathartic experience and as part of the wellness journey you can be amongst nature and and open your senses to all that surrounds you. Whilst staying at Ol Donyo you can hike through Hemingway’s green hills of Africa or explore the plains at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro on a walk, by mountain bike or from the back of a horse. Or if you prefer more of a faster pace you can enjoy an exhilarating African horse safari exploring the landscape surrounding Ol Donyo Lodge.