Responsible Tourism

We avidly support Donate To Wildlife Conservation (.com) – a website promoted by the luxury safari industry which provides a list of the best small conservation projects in Africa, therefore getting essential funding directly into the right hands, in the bush, working tirelessly day in day out to conserve Africa’s wildlife – often with a serious lack of funding and recognition.

We are passionately committed to supporting sustainable tourism, and luckily, there has been a dramatic move in high end tourism towards this goal. All of our lodges work hard to support the local community, often putting in fresh water sources, building schools and hospitals and employing a large number of the local community – many lodges also work on a lease system, whereby they lease the land off the community who own it, therefore the local tribes receive income from the park and conservation fees and also a percentage of the per person per night fee.

Many camps are solar powered, and also go to every effort to ensure they are recycling efficiently, and water is not wasted through inefficient toilet systems, and showers.

Wildlife conservation is also a major concern throughout Africa, and many of the privately owned ranches are pioneering this – anti poaching patrols are keeping poachers at bay, often using bloodhounds to track and deter potential poachers. If you would like to really get involved with wildlife conservation, just let us know, there are certain camps and guides who welcome guests who would like to gain a deeper knowledge of conservation and community issues.

For more information on how you can become involved with responsible tourism, or conservation, do contact us.