Let us take you on a bit of a journey. Do you think a safari in Kenya is all about the wildlife spotted on a game drive? And an Instagram moment? Well, we implore you to think again. This may be part of the draw, to achieve that one incredible photographic moment, to show off to all of your friends about this specific moment in the wild, but there is just so much more to do, see and experience when stepping foot in Kenya. You need to make the most of the stunning landscape, pristine wilderness and many iconic yet very different eco systems, there is a seriously diverse array of activities to enjoy for all ages and for all interests.

Guests at Saruni Samburu have the luxury to benefit from many of these experiences and interests without having to travel a huge distance. Enjoy the choice of two wonderful pools, with stunning scenery of the Samburu landscape around. There is a delightful photographic hide right by the watering hole, so you can get right on the same level as huge elephants as they quench their thirst. Mountain trekking is also available where you can tred the same footsteps as Samburu warriors before you, making your way up Ololokwe, the views at the top are definitely worth the trek that’s for sure. Explore caves nearby adorned with thousands of years old worth of rock art, telling stories of times gone by with drawings of animals you will still recognise today.

At Saruni Rhino you have the opportunity to track endangered black rhino on foot, an excursion not to be turned down. The guides here have lived and grown up in the area and know exactly what the local flora and fauna is like, the history of the land, which plants can be used for medication and their passion for passing on this information is electrifying. At Saruni Rhino, you can also have the opportunity to observe semi-nomadic pastoralists watering their herds whilst singing traditional songs (known as Singing wells). Alternatively, you can sit back and relax at the camps watering hole, never not without animals nearby. In the dry season, enjoy walking down the dried upriver bed. There is so much to do here, or you can simply lie back and relax in your hammock in your bedroom and take in your surroundings, the sights, sounds and smells.

It’s just as activity filled at Saruni Mara & Saruni Wild as well, both located in the Mara. Enjoy a well-earned massage at their Wellbeing Space, dine in the bush underneath a stunning canopy of stars with a night-time chorus playing behind you. Drive to the highest point of the Mara to enjoy a super scenic sundowner. Embark on a balloon ride over the Great Migration… the choice is endless!

Our next blog will be full of updates from all of the Saruni lodges and camps and even a photo competition! So, stay tuned for more updates on this collection of lodges. If you would like some more information on how you can book your stay at Saruni Samburu, Saruni Rhino, or the mara camps, then please get in contact with us, we are dying to start planning something special for you, starting with these wonderful camps!