We have some exciting news from Botswana! The brand new Sitatunga Private Island and Suite. As many of you know, Botswana is one of the many jewels in huge crown of Africa and we are always excited to hear of new camps opening their doors, or refurbishments of some of our much-loved lodges. To cope with over population of camps and lodges opening up, they often take over locations where previous camps have been, and many sell their camps to other companies to ensure they continue the experience for many people wishing to visit these fabulous locations.

Here we are excited to hear about Sitatunga Private Island Camp and Suite. The Okavango Delta is a place with so many moods. It can entertain you intellectually as well as visually, satisfying all your senses each day as you drift on a traditional mokoro through whistling reeds where painted frogs leap on and hitch a ride for just a brief moment in time. Beyond the magical waterways are huge herds of elephant wading through the papyrus and phragmites reeds, carving their own paths that open the way for hippos and crocodiles to alter the entire water flow across this 15,000 sq km delta. It is one of the very few places on this planet where the rare Sitatunga antelopes slope out of the reeds on long hooves, keeping warm under shaggy coats. It is in the remotest of these islands that absolute privacy exists, that Nirvana, away from the clutter, isolated and where we believe one gets the closest to the real soul of the Okavango Delta as well as the true soul of African Nature.

It is on one such island that come July 2023 you can truly immerse yourself within this piece of tranquillity. Set on an idyllic Okavango Island called Sitatunga Private Island, a reference to one of the most beautiful antelopes in Africa. Many of these antelope live around this island. Sitatunga Private Island Camps design is a homage to the great fishing cultures of the Okavango. The buildings will be designed like a fishing basket, set way up in the thick ebony forest canopy and built to Great Plains’ very high standard. Imagine Selinda Camp, Zarafa Camp and Duba Plains but on another level of luxury and a place to immerse yourself fully within nature. The camp will currently sleep just eight people, with one family suite and two additional units.

The Sitatunga Private Island Camp and Sitatunga Private Island Suite is incredibly exciting news within the travel world of Africa, and we cannot wait to hear the updates of how the build of this camp goes. A new camp located in one of the most pristine and unspoilt areas, in the heart of the Okavango Delta. A place where you can forget day to day worries and become one with nature. We can only begin to imagine the experiences guests will enjoy when staying at this camp, so keep your eyes peeled for any updates on this exciting new camp opening its doors in July 2023.