This week we are focusing on some of the top stays in Namibia. This country within Africa is one of the top destinations to travel to because of its unique, varied, and stunning landscape. With the options of flying from location to location for a shorter trip, to self-driving where you have the freedom to explore the intricacies of this country. Namibia is also steeped in history, where bushman have lived and survived with what they can from the surrounding flora and fauna. Having the opportunity to spend some time with the remaining tribes is an experience like no other and a must do for everyone on their holiday to Namibia.

We will start in Sossusvlei and the Namib Desert. Located in Western Namibia the area has little to no rainfall throughout the year and is fundamentally a desert. With very high temperatures during the day, the temperature plummets dramatically during the night, so take a jumper! Sossusvlei is in the central part of the Namib Desert. Known for its vast red sand dunes, dotted with camelthorn trees provides an out of this world landscape. The Namib desert stretches almost 1,000 miles along the Atlantic Ocean coast all the way to Angola. Within this location you are likely to see some wonderful and unique animals such as the desert elephant, who are incredibly adapted to enduring such harsh conditions and often must walk for miles in search of water.

Finally, the skeleton coast is a location not to be overlooked. A fascinating area that almost looks like it’s a set from a movie, the coastline is dotted with wrecks that have succumb to the rough waters of the Atlantic Ocean. One of the top places to stay within the desert is Sonop, which opened its doors in the summer of 2019. It is located on the border of the NamibRand Nature Reserve and has some of the most breath-taking views of the surrounding area. The style of Sonop is one of the traditional safari camps, harking back to the 1920’s British colonial era, with traditional tented suites, with comfortable beds, luxurious modern inclusions of baths, showers and flushing loos, plus incredible views. During your time at Sonop you can enjoy hot air ballooning over the incredible vistas, e-mountain bike rides, walking safaris and even safaris on horseback. The choice of things to do here are almost limitless!

Alternatively take a look at the wonderful Wolwedans Boulders Camp. Located in the NamibRand Naukluft Park, this exceptional camp boasts a small number of tented suites allowing you to fully immerse yourself within the area, with almost complete privacy. Wolwedans Boulders sleeps a maximum of eight people and is up there with one of the most exclusive camps within the NamibRand area. With a large deck making up the main mess area, leading into a large open dining area and open fireplace, it is remarkably comfortable. Your time at Wolwedans Boulders can be spent relaxing in the pool overlooking the incredible views, or venture out on game drives, or walking safaris where you can walk the same paths of the ancient hunting grounds of the bushmen that once thrived within this baron landscape. It is quite a remarkable place to behold.