North Island is a truly remote and honestly, in our opinion, one of the most luxurious places to stay within the Seychelles archipelago. If you travel to North Island, you will immerse yourself in your own private luxury. Surrounding by the blue, azure waters of the Indian Ocean, with a stunning tropical forest as your back drop with giant granite peaks that dwarf your presence with their drama.

North Island consists of eleven luxurious en suite private villas that all lead to beautiful white sandy, untouched beaches just a short stroll away. This opulent private island epitomises complete privacy and the ultimate in freedom. Service throughout North Island is second to none with the islands abundance naturally extending to the luxury of choice that a peerless all-inclusive offering provides. This really is the ultimate in barefoot luxury escapes.

The eleven private villas at North Island are all created from ethically sourced and local materials, all harvested during the island rehabilitation process. It both embraces simplicity as well as luxury to form the ‘barefoot luxury’ style of North Island. The colours throughout the private villas conjure up images from the surround marine environment, combining a blend of both smooth and rough textures creating a real authentic and overall sumptuous sanctuary you can truly relax in.

There are no rules on North Island (well, bar a few!) but the idea is to indulge yourself into your own customised escape – rise when you want, dine when you want and explore when you feel you need to.

There are endless things to enjoy, indulge and get up to when staying at North Island: Perhaps you may enjoy watching the sunset at West Beach, nestling yourself into a comfortable bean bag, bare feet smothered in warm white sand and a glass of wine or gin and tonic in hand. Or, lounging in sheer luxury within the heart of the Piazza, the focal point on North Island. Including a vast wine cellar, all carefully selected by North Island‘s Sommelier, all of the wines complement the flavours of North Island‘s wonderful cuisine. If you have previously enjoyed your time within the Winelands outside Cape Town, this is the perfect finish to a fine holiday where you can continue indulging in wonderful flavours from African vineyards.

Other activities include a spot of shopping within the boutique shop on sight. Perhaps pamper yourself in the serene beach side spa or stroll along stunning private beaches, enjoying the blues of the ocean, the different shades of white from the soft sandy beaches finishing your gaze off with the electric greens from the forest behind.

We have no doubt that anyone who spends time at North Island will not forget this wonderful place easily. This property is perfect for the ultimate honeymoon, that once in a lifetime romantic getaway to celebrate an anniversary, and even families. Perhaps you may even think about tying the knot on their sandy beaches, you know, just to be a bit different – but what a setting to get hitched! Something you will undoubtedly be able to talk about for the rest of your lives.