Big cat tales from Governors.

For everyone based in the UK and all over the world for that matter – Animal Planet’s Big Cat Tales with Jonathan & Angela Scott and Jackson Ole Looseyia return to Animal Planet for a new natural history series – Big Cat Tales will follow the famous Marsh Pride of Lions, leopards and cheetahs of the Masai Mara. The Scott’s will be staying at Governor’s Camp Butterfly House which is within extremely close proximity to the Musiara Marsh which is home to the Marsh Pride and one of the best places to see the big cats within the Mara. Governor’s Camp have superb guides to assist the crew and provide in depth knowledge of some of the cats they see almost on daily basis as well as their whereabouts. They will able to navigate the crew over sometime rough terrain in all sorts of weather.

The program will be starting on the Sunday 10thMarch and will air every Sunday until its last episode on Sunday 7thApril.

Now is the time to visit the Mara – there has been plenty of rain on the plains and there are lots of wonderful lion cubs everywhere. It’s not just the migration that is the pinnacle of what to see within the Mara, there are plenty of other wonderful and exciting animal viewing opportunities for you to discover at many different times of the year.

Moving to Kenya within the 1970’s, Jonathan Scott went on to present the Big Cat Diary and together with his wife Angie, they continue to share a huge passion with everything concerning the big cats. Jonathan’s life mantra is to ‘live in the moment and to explore wild places.’ The wonderful movie that is Born Free (one of our favourites too!) was a huge inspiration to Jonathan and from seeing this movie he knew that this is what he wanted to do: to live in the bush and watch big cats.’ And that’s just what he has done!

Having been inspired by some hugely inspirational people such as his mother and decorated soldier father, the artist and conservationist Sir Peter Scott and Sir David Attenborough who Jonathan first met when he narrated a film on the Marsh Lions in the 1980’s. His wife who is also an award-winning artist and wildlife photographer has also been a consistent inspiration throughout his time in Kenya.

One of Jonathans top tips for heading out on a safari is actually one of our fundamental pieces of advice – make sure you have a really decent set of binoculars and do not rush from place to place trying to see everything. Spending three nights within a lodge or camp is the perfect amount of time to try and tick everything off the box. Sometimes to small things you come across are just as fascinating and spectacular as the larger ones!

The Masai Mara is one of the best places for budding photographers and visiting at any time of the year provides spectacular wildlife viewing opportunities – it’s not just the wildebeest migration you should visit for, throughout the whole year there is always something going on. Perhaps try and tie in a visit to Governor’s so you can speak under a canopy of stars to Jonathan Scott and Angie!