Botswana. That’s it, that’s this blog done!

Obviously we are joking. When you bring up the subject of Botswana, it brings about heated debates within the The Luxury Safari HQ! Mainly because we have so much to say about the choice of where to go. It is the epitome of the perfect place to start your safari, mainly because it has three prime locations: Chobe or the Savute, the Delta and the Kalahari. There are three fabulous locations which you can reach with remarkable ease on your safari.

A lot of the time, people mis-understand the time it needs to travel to most of the different parts of Africa. Botswana however, is one of the more simpler locations with regards to travel. To fly between Chobe/Savute to the Delta takes no more than 30 minutes (in comparison, if you were to travel from Kilimanjaro to the Serengeti, it would take you a couple of hours, yet people presume its a 40 minute drive!). So, to kick things off, here are some places in Chobe and Savute that we think are the bees knees!

Selinda Camp

Located within the Selinda Reserve, this wonderfully spacious, small, boutique 8 tented camp which has some of the best wildlife within this northern part of Botswana. Selinda sits in within its own private concession. The freedom to explore the bush from a number of different angles is, we think, absolutely crucial. Because how are you meant to feel, smell, taste and touch Botswana if you don’t do this. Selinda takes the pressure off. For example, until you have see an elephant or lion, or a small beetle from boat, 4×4 or from foot, you haven’t experienced a true safari and Selinda does all of this for you.

Duma Tau

Well, Duma Tau. This luxurious 10 roomed luxury camp is located within its own private 125,000 hectare Linyanti reserve. Its location is crucial to the eco-system of the Delta, it lies at the source of the Savuti channel. Because of this, the wildlife congregate to this area because of its lush flora and fauna, making for spectacular wildlife sightings. The hippos that surround this lagoon will lull you to sleep, in the full knowledge that you will have a sensational day when the sun rises tomorrow. Duma Tau is a truly special place.

King’s Pool

Wow! This is the place to be. King’s Pool overlooks the Kings Pool Lagoon of the Linyanti River. Think open grasslands, Morpane and mixed terminalia woodlands, riverine forests and the now dry Savuti Channel. The Elephants surrounding this camp are famous, it is a truly spectacular sight to behold when you wake up to a heard grazing serenely outside of your room. Something to save in the memory bank! Nine spacious rooms await guests, with canvas sides and a thatched roof to protect and cover. Plus your own private pool, sipping gin and tonics watching the Linyanti go by is something not to be missed and King’s Pool is THE place.

So book your few days in the northern part of Botswana at the start of your safari and then next week we will follow on with some fabulous options in the Delta and following that, the magnificent Kalahari. Stay tuned!