It is common knowledge that the world right now is under threat. Whether it be political issues within your country, or natural disasters caused by climate change. Within Africa, they are continuing to fight and crack down on criminal gangs that are driving the illegal wildlife trade. Cheli & Peacock are now joining forces with the Foreign Office that will see the UK aid utilised to target wildlife traffickers as well as criminal gangs tackling the global and wholly illegal wildlife trade. This will involve them launching investigations, training law enforcement within Eastern and Southern Africa, seizing assets – the Wildlife Financial Task Force (WFTF) is the largest known for assisting with the latter, of its kind. Cracking down on the financial crimes associated with the illegal trade of wildlife. Cheli & Peacock are very much involved with helping this force take the reins and drive with it.

Another topic, extremely close to our hearts, is the fantastic work that renowned photographer and conservationist, Margot Raggett has undergone. She is well known for working alongside fellow conservationists and wildlife photographers in capturing the real and very raw images of magnificent wild animals. The ‘Remembering Wildlife’ series Margot has published, such sa ‘Remembering Elephants’ & ‘Remembering Rhinos’ to name a few. Sophie, from The Luxury Safari Company, was extremely lucky to attend the launch evening of her latest book ‘Remembering Great Apes’. It was a wonderful evening where guests were witness to some of the fantastic images of apes from around the world. Stunning images of Gorillas, Orangutans and chimpanzees, were on display side by side. With talks from one of the enthusiastic guides from Nomad’s Greystoke Mahale, Mwiga Mambo, who couldn’t be stopped from talking passionately about the famous M Community found within the Mahale Mountains. This group of chimpanzee feature most prominently throughout ‘Remembering Great Apes’. The stories of how the chimps live each day, the history of the group as well as the stories of how some of the images within the book were taken were truly fascinating. Sheer passion has gone into the making of this book and we cannot promote it enough – it would make the perfect gift for Christmas…!

The ‘Remembering Wildlife’ series has raised an amazing £330,000 for conservation projects around the world and it is still climbing! All proceeds upon purchasing ‘Remembering Great Apes’ with its 72 donated images will be donated to the Great Ape (bonobo, chimpanzee, gorilla and orangutan) protection projects across Africa and Asia.

Continuing on Cheli & Peacock’s property updates, the spa retreat at Segera has received top honours at the recent World Spa Awards. It was names both Kenya’s as well as Africa’s Best Safari Spa for 2018. Do you need any more persuading to go other than this? The treatments include a variety of spa treatments as well as the unique Rasul Steam Tower which provides the ultimate in therapeutic relaxation for all guests who stay at this wonderful eco-safari retreat.

If you find yourself staying at Elewana’s Loisaba Tented Camps and Elewana’s Loisaba Star Beds, you can now explore the African bush at a very different perspective to that of a safari vehicle. If you are up to it, you can now explore your surroundings on either horseback, galloping side by side with giraffe, or bushwhacking your way through the undergrowth, or, possibly more sedately, on the back of a camel with no additional charge for those on a game package.

And finally, an update on the Ocean SPA Lodge who is about to host the SPA Master Centro Benessera Stresa throughout the months of December 2018 and January 2019 – this is undoubtedly extremely appealing, especially after a busy Christmas and New Year. Please do get in touch for more information and special rates on booking this unique trip.