Looking for something a little bit different and off the beaten track? Have you ever heard of De Hoop Nature Reserve? Then why not combine the two! The wonderful Natural Selection have combined forces with the equally fabulous Morukuru properties and have created the ‘ultimate experience’ within the De Hoop Nature Reserve.

The De Hoop Nature Reserve is located within South Africa’s Western Cape and taking into account the sheer vastness of South Africa as a country, this nature reserve is within spitting distance to Cape Town, with only a 3-hour scenic drive to be endured. Most will have heard of this reserve if they have ventured on the garden route of Southern South Africa. Officially established as a nature reserve in 1957, this reserve is one of the largest within South Africa’s Southern tip and within its 340 square kilometre it incorporates both stunning sea and coastal views as well as rugged shrub type landscapes within.

Both Natural Selection and the Morukuru are offering the De Hoop Camino to enjoy for 4 nights and 5 days where you will start with a 6km walk (this is of course optional!) from the Lekkerwater parking area into Lekkerwater Beach Lodge. Of course your bags will have been taken away from you and will be waiting for you at your destination – they will not expect you to lug your bags for 6km – unless as a personal challenge, you would like to do this…! Once you arrive at Lekkerwater Beach Lodge, guests will spend the first two nights of their trip. During the time spent at Lekkerwater Beach Lodge, you will be able to enjoy guided fynbos walks or even inter tidal coastal walks, or perhaps if none of these ticks your box, then how about a swim in the rock pools. Once you have had time to relax and take in your beautiful coastal surroundings, you will then venture west on an extremely scenic and very leisurely coastal walk towards Morukuru Beach Lodge. For the next two nights you will enjoy your time here embarking on many different activities from mountain biking, snorkelling, sandboarding on the local sand dunes, nature drives as well as wonderful walks. Or simply relax!

Your trip here can also be extended by a night or two with a further fabulous walk, a 16km walk along the De Hoop Vlei right into the interior of the Nature Reserve towards the De Hoops Collection of Opstal Lodges.

If you wanted to further your stay, then how about flying up to Madikwe or the Kruger to enjoy a full-blown safari. A very different opportunity to view an opposing landscape and area which combines very well with the De Hoop Nature Reserve on the coast with properties that lie within the land. For more information on the De Hoop Nature Reserve and any of the other Morukuru and Natural Selection properties within Africa, please do not hesitate to send us through an email with as much information as possible or give us a call… we love to talk all things Africa… and more!