Looking to embark on your first adventure to Africa? Totally clueless on where to even begin as there are so many options? And when the options are there in front of you, your friends who have been already many times recommend one place in particular and now you find yourself in a situation where your back to square one and have NO idea what to do… then fear not, you are definitely not the only one, not even the first and you will definitely not be the last. That is because there are many many wonderful options you could choose from, but don’t worry, the option you will pick will undoubtedly be the right one (even if it isn’t the one place your friends stayed at).

The service at The Luxury Safari Company is totally unique and you will be in safe hands. Experts in our field, we have been to many, if not all of the properties we recommend to you – if one of us hasn’t, we will hand you over to someone else within our team who can speak in great detail about the area and camps in question.

I wanted to spend time on this blog to highlight certain areas for true beginner safari goers – as you literally no idea where to start. We’re here to take the stress off your shoulders and narrow down your options.

So, location, location location! South Africa is the perfect place for first time safari goers. The weather is very steady almost all year round, you have ample choice with locations such as combining the coast, the city, the winelands and stunningly diverse eco-systems for the safari element in supremely luxurious style. For those worried about being that tiny bit too close to the wild, the majority of properties within South Africa are very solid in structure, with en suite bathrooms, running water, flushing loos and very comfortable beds, air conditioning and if that isn’t enough, delicious food is served almost continuously (prepare your tummys for this, the food is delicious and you will enjoy different things almost every 2 hours!) The guides within South Africa are second to none, having been under the ruthless and famously recognised FGASA certificate board, the guides are incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and lots of fun – there is also no thing as stupid question when it comes to the wildlife, flora and fauna, so ask away! Lodges to look at would be Makanyi, Chitwa Chitwa, Dulini Riverlodge and Dulini Private Game Lodge and for the top end have a look at Leopard Hills (which has recently been refurbished), any of the Singita properties as well as Londolozi.

For those who are not afraid of getting that bit closer to nature, then Tanda Tula would be perfect for you. You can easily combine this with spending a few extra days at their mobile field camp and almost sleep under the stars just like the old explorers uses to do from days gone by. Return to Tanda Tula’s main camp for a bit more luxury, these wonderful authentic tented camps snuggled beneath a thatched canopy on the banks of a dried up river bed, which is frequented by almost an endless stream of wildlife – they use this as a sort of highway!

Don’t forget, I have only focused on one area within South Africa at the moment, there are many other fabulous places to enjoy your safari – perhaps combine with Madikwe… But, if the above has tickled your taste buds, then please do give us a call or send us an email, we love to talk about everything to do with Africa, especially if this will be your first time then we are bursting to tell you about all the wonderful and unique things you can enjoy.