I think now is the time for inspiration, to put something in front of you all so you can aim for something positive in the future during these bizarre times. Please see below some inspiring safari ideas that we have put together that I am sure will tantalise those travelling taste buds!

Kenya – Samburu & Masai Mara: Head off to the wonderful Samburu region and stay at Saruni Samburu. Saruni is perched high on the top of a natural rocky outcrop with stunning views over the Samburu. Each room is wonderfully spacious, very spacious and with superb views. With a choice of two pools, one of the pools is located on one of the highest spots of the kopje so you can enjoy the views, sights, sounds and smells whilst doing your lengths! If you are looking for something ever so slightly more luxurious, how about upgrading to Sasaab Lodge. Sasaab lies on the side of a small river that runs below the lodge – perfect for wildlife viewing from your own room as any water way is very likely to attract all sorts of wildlife to its banks. The lodges design is very Africa meets morocco, wonderfully plush sofas with exotic soft woven designs to snuggle back in and hide away from the world, immersing yourself in a good book, or just taking in the views. The food is utterly superb, and all the staff really out do themselves when it comes to making your trip one you will never forget.

Each room at Sasaab has their own plunge pool overlooking the river, wonderful open bathrooms (watch out the monkeys do not steal anything while you are out!). When staying at either Saruni Samburu or Sasaab Lodge, you have to experience the cultural experience. Most, if not all of the staff that work at these lodges are from the Samburu tribes that surround the camps. In fact, the Samburu tribes rent their land to these lodges so we urge you, if you can, to visit the villages of the Samburu people it is one of the most delightful experiences. As most people should but don’t, the Samburu welcome you with open arms and take real pleasure in teaching you their traditions and way of life.

Then, once you have had the most incredible time in the Samburu, hop on a plane – we offer private charters as well if you want to experience something truly incredible – and fly down to the Masai Mara. To narrow the choices down, I have split three camps into three categories: authentic, boutique and luxury. Offbeat Mara comes into our authentic camp category (and personally one of our favourites) it is a very small, very intimate and very traditional camp situated within the 74,000 acre Mara North Conservancy. With only seven traditional canvas tents and the main mess area with a bar (always fully stocked with whatever you want) and with unbelievable wildlife viewing opportunities – there are at least three resident prides of lion that surround this camp so you are most definitely in with a chance of some excellent wildlife activity.

Richard’s River Camp is our second camp which comes under the boutique banner. Very similar in style to Offbeat Mara, this small and very intimate camp is slightly more boutique. With wonderful soft interiors in your tented rooms, running taps and an outside shower (Offbeat has the authentic but wonderfully warm bucket showers). The food and wine at Richard’s is to die for, everything is full of flavour and made to perfection.

Finally, if you are looking for real luxury within the Masai Mara, then look no further than Mara Plains. Mara Plains envelopes everything from authentic, boutique but in an incredibly luxurious way. The tented suites have been inspired by the surrounding bush as well as the traditional Masai tribes – with a touch of morocco! The guides, the food, the location are all incredible, you barely have to lift a finger as it has probably already been done.

Finally, when you have become so overwhelmed by your time on safari, it is probably about time to go and have some relaxation on a beach. Tune in for our next blog to find out which places we recommend!