Welcome to the 21stcentury virtual safari! It is not often we receive videos or photos of our client’s trips, we really wish everyone would send through more! Ok, we will put our teeny tiny violins away then, but in all honesty, we absolutely LOVE to know what you got up to on your trip to Africa. We have been to every lodge that we suggest to you personally, we would never send you anywhere we hadn’t been ourselves – sounds fantastic right? Of course, it is! Which is why we love love LOVE to receive photos and videos or even a paragraph or two about what you saw, what you got up to, who you met, what food you enjoyed (and wine…!) and just your overall experience. We are beyond passionate about the work we do. Upon receiving your reviews and reports of the little things you got up to, we can relate and, if given half the chance, would talk until the cows came home about it all!

We recently received two wonderful videos from one of our wonderful clients and he has very kindly let us share with the rest of you with what they discovered and enjoyed whilst out on safari in Kenya. Take a look!